Chapter 28.3

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"Okay. It's about 8." Abbie says. "We need to go back to your house."

"What?!" I whine. "Nooooo. Not yet."

We stayed at the carnival quite long and now we just got out of a fast food restaurant coz we both agreed that those carnival food werent enough. But I still didnt want to go home.

"Nooooo." She matches my tone. "You only said to your mom that we will be out for 'a bit'... and 'a bit' has passed long hours ago..." She says while she walks away. I trail behind her. "If only Mrs. Kinley has a phone, your phone will be leeking with missed calls and worried texts!"

"But.. but..." I began as I follow her fast steps.

"Butts are for shitting." She says

I smile a little at her statement. "Okay." I only agree. Besides, I'm tired too. But I still didnt want to end this day.

We sat inside the car and she fires up the engine. She notices I'm quiet.

"Hey. We still have a lot of time tomorrow okay?" She says while holding my hand in the center console giving me an assuring smile.

I nod and smiled. She lets go and starts driving.

She's right. I pick her... we have a lot of time... but tomorrow, I really need to end things with Kyle.

I have been ignoring his texts and calls all day. I hope he gets that as a hint that this is not going to work. But I wont think of him or Donna right now. I'm just gonna enjoy tonight with the one that truly makes me happy.

"Summer." Abbie breaks my thoughts. I didnt realize I have been silent for some moments. "What's wrong?" She asks. I look at her and she looks worried.

"Nothing." It sounded so lame.

"Are you okay? Are you tired?" She says and grabs my hand to hold on the center console pnce more. She rubs her thumb circular on my forehand.

"I'm okay. I'm not tired."

"Then what?"


"Liar." She says slightly smirking. "Tell me."

I cant. "Well, Its... I just... I still didnt want to end today. I just want atleast one more stop before home." Well, that was good. Half true.

She smiles and squeezes my hand before releasing. She sighs. "Okay.. just one more stop."

My face lights up with a smile realizing she would change her decision just because she sees me unhappy. "Really?"

"Dont make me change my mind." She says serious but trying to prevent a smile from forming. "Where do you want to go?"

"Oh... I don't know."

"Okay, I change my mind. Lets go home." She teases.

"Wait! Umm well, I dont care where. Just not home.." I mumble.

She shakes her head smiling and continued to drive.

"Where are you taking me?"

"You'll see.."


"What did I tell you about but's?" She looks at me with a cocked eyebrow. "Just wait and see and stop being annoying." She says and smiles at the end. I cant help but smile too. "Do you trust me?"


"Good..." she smiles.


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