Chapter 28.2

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Summer's P.O.V

"Oh! Oh! There's Ice cream!" Abbie says excited while pointing afar, like a kid. She's so cute.

I squint my eyes in the direction. "Wow. You have bionic eyes. I cant see it."

"Like I said, I'm awesome." She stands up.

I only respond rolling my eyes but cant keep myself from grinning.

"Wait here. I'll buy some!" She says and practically ran not waiting for my response. I smile in adoration of the version of her I'm seeing today.

I watch her sprint towards the direction she was pointing at, in between people in their swim suits and tanned skin, until I lost her. There is a lot of people in this beach today. Unlike before when Kyle and I went here last week. We found a spot to sit on. We dont have any blankets or anything. We just sat down. Waiting for the sunset.

What will I do tomorrow? How will I do it? Is this a bad idea? I'm starting to think it is. I think I'm just liking her more and more being with her like this. With the version of her that is just so bubbly and sweet, my decision is getting harder and harder to support.

Before I could think even more, my phone rings. My heart stopped upon seeing Donna's name as the caller. Oh my god.

I look around and check if Abbie is in the area. She is still out of sight. It took me a lot of seconds before answering.

"Hm?" I simply say. Trying not to sound so nervous and guilty. This is so ironic that she is calling while I'm with Abbie.

"Summer," She starts. She sound so anxious already. "Have you talked to .. ummm.. to Abbie today?" She asks hesitantly.

Yes. "No. Not yet." I say quick sounding calm. The last thing I want is to hurt my only best friend.

"Oh.. umm.. well.. okay." She says sounding like she wants to say something else.

"Why'd you ask?" I cant help but ask.

"Ummm.. its just.. I just.." she begins and pauses. "Nothing. I just dont want you to tell her that we talked earlier." She says lowly.

"I won't." I say trying to sound confident. Well, its not like I am planning to tell her anyway.

"Hmm thanks." She says shyly. There was a little bit of silence before she spoke again. "Summer?"

"Yes Donna?"

"Are you... umm are you like.. are you okay?" She struggles asking.

"What do you mean?" I ask quite a little startled at the question. Why is she asking this?? Does she know about my feelings for Abbie? Wait. This is just paranoia.

"Well.. coz.. I dont know.. are you okay about everything? I mean, you cried. And I'm sorry about that. I didnt want you to cry. I'm so so-" she says and you can hear the sorry in her voice.

"Donna. Its fine." I say.

"Ummmm" she says. "If I could turn back time, I would not have let myself talk to you this morning." She groans a little. I wish you didnt too. "But Summer... I really meant it. That thing about Abbie.. I hope you understand."

Why wouldn't I? I mean, we are practically have mutual feelings toward Abbie. I needed to swallow coz the guilt was rushing back up in my thoat again.

"Yes. I understand." I tell her.

"And Summer. I really didnt know that Kyle didnt tell you about our past. I dont know if its a good thing or bad thing." She says lowly. "I'm so sorry. I really didnt know. But I promise you, nothing is between me and Kyle anymore." She adds.

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