Chapter 21 "Stained Dress"

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Summer's P.O.V

I dont know what to do so I just hugged her too and rubbed her back with one hand and the other caressing her hair. Her head rested on my shoulder. I can feel her tears being sucked by the cloth on my shoulder.

I feel hurt just seeing her like this. How do I make her feel better? I feel my eyes want to tear up but I can hold it.

"Abbie. Tell me. What's wrong?" I ask again for she didnt answer it the first time. She just responded with a needing hug.

"Shit... Stop asking... that! It just makes... me cry... even..more" she says while sobbing in between.

"Did you watch an ending of a love story or something?" I joke attempting to make her smile or even just calming her down a bit.

"Something like that" she answers with less sobbing.

I didnt think she would say that. Now I dont know what to say. I dont even know what she meant by that. I know, It was a bad moment for me to feel giddy but I feel it. Knowing she's hugging me, too. But damn i gotta let go.

Oh my God! She might realize that this is weird! We've been hugging longer than usual.

So I was the first to pull away. I tried looking at her but she looks away then wipes her face with her hands.

"Here." I say while handing her my handkerchief.

"No thanks." She shakes her head.

Well, I really want her to use it. I know she needs it.

So I shove it to her face playfully. "You need it. You look ugly!" I giggle. Again, trying to make her feel better.

She laughs a little and takes the hanky and wipes her face with it. Oh.. thank God.

"Yeah. I do look ugly huh?" Abbie says. "This dress makes me feel like shit. I hate it." She really looks like she hates it.

"Oh Abbie. No. That was a joke." I say taking back what I last said. " You might feel like it but you dont look like it." I say smiling. "Coz you look very beautiful in it." I say genuinely. I remember seeing her earlier from the stage. God, My heart melted (as corny as it sounds) but it did. She's stunning. I've never seen her in a dress and a complete make up. Gosh. Breath-taking. I've never seen someone look so perfect. And I cant believe she cant see how beautiful she is.

She looks like she took my compliment coz she just responded with a shy smile. Good. She's smiling.

She pauses and looks at my shoulders.
"Oh shit. I'm sorry. I ruined your dress.." she says apologetic and panicked while trying to wipe off the mascarra on my white dress on the part where she cried.

"No. No. Its fine." I say assuring her with an 'its alright' smile.

Yet she still continued pointlessly damping my shoulder with my hanky.

"So... Are you gonna tell me about it?" I ask her trying to catch her eyes but she doesnt give it to me. She just shook her head looking plainly at my mascarra stained shoulder. "Just tell me a little?" I ask again.

"Can we just drop it?" She asks kindly while giving up on my dress. "Ugh! This is hopeless. Gosh. I'm sorry for your dress." She finally looks at me with sorry eyes.

I just smiled at her frustration. Its so cute she feels sorry for something so little.

"I told you already . Its fine." I say with a little laugh.

"No. This is terrible." She says frowning. Why is this so important to her? Yet, I laugh again.

I know she's not going to tell me what ever it is. I just gave up.
"So. You're going back inside?" I ask but sounding more like of a command.

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