Chapter Seven "Make me smile"

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After my tears were settled down, Kyle told me Donna and Summer were waiting for us. We went back to the cafe and Summer was on the stage singing, "Wings by Birdy", Her voice calms me so much. We sat down beside Donna but she hasn't noticed yet.

"I bet you're the one that requested that." I said, that made her notice we are back.

"Yea----" She pauses and her smile fades, "What's wrong? Why did you cry?" She asked. Whoa! She really knows me. Thats so sweet.

"Wow! You really memorized Abbie huh?" Kyle said, "It's like you kow her more than I do"

Hahaha, yeah she does.

"Seriously what happened?" Donna asks again. My eyes are probably still a little bloated. She looks so worried but I don't know if I should tell her. I hate talking about sentimental stuffs with people. I juat don't like getting on my emotional side.

Summer was finished singing so she went to our table.

"Hey, what's going on here?" She asks. When she saw my eyes, I looked away, "Abbie, are you okay?"

"Guys, let's not talk about it mmmkay?" Kyle answered for me.

"Anyway, I just came back to say goodbye. I'm going back to Mom and Dad's tonight." I said plainly

"What!!!????" Donna silently yelled. She knows my parents are strict but she doesn't know about the violence.

"Will you be here on your birthday?"Summer asked.

"Yes!" I lied. Kyle gave me a glare. I know Donna would insist if I say no. I don't want an argument right now. Our town is quite far from here. Like a 5hour drive kind of far. Yeah, I know.

"Okay....." Donna said. Summer and Donna pouted.

"What a downer! We just planned something while you two were gone." Summer said.

"What was it?" Kyle asked.

Donna answered, "Well, its 3pm so we planned to go to watch this movie at the mall---"

"Not a horror movie?!" I interfered.

"No...." Summer laughed. "It's a love story. Donna told me you like those kind of movies." She smiled. Awww my heart melts.

Donna continues, "Okay......going back.... so the movie should be done in about 4:30 or 5, i hope. Then go to the carnival! We have fun there and go to the party that I was invited to. So what'dya think?" Donna was playing puppy eyes on me.

Honestly, I think the plan was stupid but whatthe heck.... everywhere I go, if my friends are with me. It's gonna be fun.

My mom would text or call me if she is on her way and that's like 5 hour more to spare if she does.

"I'm down with that" Kyle agrees.

All of them waited for my answer, "Okaaaaaayyyyyy. I will go. Geez. It's not like you guys can't live without."

The hell with it, I need to have fun. Atleast before I go to hell tonight right?

Okay, off we go! Summer's Mom is super fine with it. She says that Summer needs a break. Summer is very honest to her mother. She tells her every detail of her everyday life and thats something I envy most.

Of course, Kyle and Summer share in Kyles car and Don and I share in Don's car.

I wish I could ride with Summer, too.

The whole drive to the mall was all questions from Donna about why I cried. I never answered clear and straight. I often said, nothing.

When we arrived. All of us were at the other side of the road to the mall. I remembred this place. The first time Summer held my hand. Ohhhhh, damn it butterflies!

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