Chapter 23 "Slow down"

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May 21

Abbie's P.O.V


"Good morning retard!" I say sweet and bubbly greeting her as she answers my call.

"Its still night time." She groggily say in her adorable morning voice.

"Its quarter to eight idiot." I say jokingly sounding annoyed

"It doesnt feel like it." She whispers. "Let me go back to sleep. C'mon we just slept 3hours ago." She murmurs.

Yes we just did but I want to talk to her again. I just woke up thinking of her and missing her already, like usual. So I decided to call her.

"Dont you dare sleep while I'm talking with you." I say but she didnt answer. "Hey!" She doesnt answer again. "Sum-" then i heard her snore. What the fuck? But its so adorable. Haha.

I just smiled and hang up. Then texted her.

"Text me when you stop snoring"

After I hit send I decided to go and make myself some breakfast at the kitchen downstairs. I didnt realize that I just passed by Aunt Deb.

"You're happy." Aunt Deb tells me then drinks her coffee and drops the news paper on the table.

I just noticed I was smiling when I dropped my stretched lips.

I just shook my head but started to smile again. She just shook her head too and continued reading the newspaper.

I cant hide my happiness, I guess. We've been talking through the phone and texting non stop this couple of days, Summer and I. But we never seen each other personally coz theres no reason to. Ans maybe I am too shy to. I dont know why. The last time we saw each other is when my mascara was smudged on my face and I messed up her dress.

But i've never felt so close to her. This is just so awesome! We can talk for a whole day and not get bored with each other. Well,thats for me. I even flirt with her and its okay with her. And with that, I might actually build the courage to tell her how I feel.

I sit down and started eating my cereal.

"You're not telling me something." Aunt deb catches my attention across the table while she puts down her newspaper again and looks at me trying to read my happy face.

"What?" I say almost laughing in a weird tone.

She only lifts an eye brow like she already knows whats going on and she just want to hear it from me.

So I tell her about me and Summers new kind of relationship.

"I dont know." I say shrugging and smirking. "I might have a shot at her. You know?" i say still smiling.

I expect her to be more happy about us but she just looks at me thinking about something.

"What?" I ask her.

"I dont know.. Don't rush into things okay Abbie? You know I want you to be happy.." she says and sighs. "But dont forget about the people around you that also makes you happy that you might hurt." she's obviously talking about Kyle and Donna.

I expect a more positive reaction from her but now I just feel so disappointed to Aunt Deb.

When she realized she's not getting any response from me she continues.

"Abbie, honey, dont be mad. I'm just being neutral here. I'm not asking you to stop talking to her but just slow down." She holds my hand that was resting on the table. "Remember, Summer still has Kyle and dont expect Donna to move on from her feelings for you that fast."

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