Chapter Five "Jealousy"

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April 18

I open my eyes and found Donna not in bed anymore. She's probably making breakfast or something. Summer's arms were still wrapped around me. It felt so good. The day is just starting and Iam already blushing. Gosh, this girl....... She makes me feel amazing.

I slowly turn to face her trying to maintain her embrace to me. We are now face to face with like a half foot apart. She's still sleeping. I stare at her rosy cheeks and the light hitting her curly long brown undone hair. I brush off some hair off of her face and my eyes immediately go down her lips. Her lips... her pink lips, I want to kiss them. I could stay like this just looking at her all my life. She is so perfect. I can't help but smile. I know this is just for a while. When she wakes up, I return to reality; being a bitch to her. But it is getting more difficult the more I spend time with her.

So while she is still asleep, I will hug her. This might be the only time I could.

I slowly slip my hands above her waist. I didn't put much weight to it. She might wake up.

I breath deep. My heart beats raising again.

"Good morning cutie." She suddenly said, smiling while her eyes closed. Oh my god! So I rolled away as fast as I could and I fell off the bed. Ouch!

She sat down, looked at me and laughed histerically.

I didn't know what to do or say.

I sat up. I couldn't look at her but I tried.

I tried laughing but it aounded so forced. "uhh.. G-Good morning" I stuttered like an idiot.

I stood up and exit the room without looking back. I even hit the door a little I could hear her giggle.

When I arrived down stairs, I sat on the couch in the living room.

"Shit! Fuck! shit!" I kept saying to my self while hitting my head as I make my way to the kitchen.

"HEY!" Donna brightly greeted me holding a soatula but I stumbled.

"Fuck!" I yelled then she kissed my lips.

I blushed, "I told you already to stop cursing" she pouted.

I held her waist, "And kissing me for a punishment won't help babe" I gave her a flirty smile.

"Babe?" She grinned and blushed. I love making her blush. That's so adorable.

"Yea, why? You don't like it?" I pouted and gave her cute eyes.

"I love it! It gives me butterflies..... babe" she bit her lower lip. Oh, that's so hot.

"Babe, i wanna tell you someting." I whispered as I pull her closely. I never lost eye contact.

She was nervous, I can feel her heart beating like crazy.

"W-what?" She swallowed after saying.

I leaned in close enough for our nose to touch, "I can smell the bacon.... it's burning"

Her eyes got wide. She quickly jump off of me, "Oh my Gosh!" And I just laughed so hard my stomach was aching.

She took it off the frying pan and put it on a plate. She put it on the table.

I sat down on the dining table and saw eggs, pancakes and the burnt bacons.

"Wow. The bacon looks awesome." I said mockingly

She sat down beside me frowning. I know it's rude but I like teasing her. She's so cute when she gets a little irritated by me. Just a little, when it's too much, you have to RUN for your life! It's gonna get nasty! But right now, it'a the right amount of anger haha.

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