Chapter 18 "Drunk Summer"

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Abbie's P.O.V

"You don't need to assist me Aunt Deb." I say as she tries to hold me like a baby just learning how to walk as we enter the house. "I'm fine, really." i smile.

"Sorry. I still feel so guilty from all of these." She points at the bruises, cuts and scratches planted all around my body.
Fortunately, my face is fine. Just one cut above my right eyebrow with 2 stiches. Other than that. I'm fine.

"Don't be!" I giggle. "Blame it on the popcorn."

She chuckles. "Okay."

When we got to the living room, Donna, Kyle and... Summer is there. They look over me. My eyes met Summers and My heart just... just.. ugh. Shit.

"Welcome home!" Donna squeals ang pulls me to a tight hug. I tried my best to hide the slight pain I felt on my ribs.

"Oh sorry." She releases me.

Kyle stands up and messes my hair. "Welcome home retard." He smirks. I playfully shove his shoulders but cant hide my smile.

Summer stands up and tries to engage in a hug but then refuses her own gesture and gave me a hand shake instead. She looks so uncomfortable. Cant even look at me in my eyes straight.

Oh shit? What happened last night? Did I do something? I said in my mind.

We all chattered, laughed, teased and joked around. We were really back to normal. I just ignored the fact that Summer kept looking away when I look her way. She's not really interacting with us. Something is bothering her and I want to ask her.

"Babe, are you okay?" Kyle whispers to Summers ear. I heard.

Looks like I'm not the only one that notices her uneasiness.

She nods and gives Kyle a weak smile. Clearly, she is not okay.

"Hey! I know how to celebrate this in an awesome way!" Donna says sounding so thrilled.

We all look at her waiting for her to continue.

"Sleeeeeep overrrrrr!" She says so girly. "Sorry Kyle. Just girls" she looks at Kyle and teases him with a pout.

We just laughed and planned about tonight. We all agreed and they decided to leave and get the things they need for tonight.

Mom is not coming home again tonight though.

I went to bed and I didnt even notice I fell fast asleep.


8pm, Donna and Summer arrived with snacks, pajamas and some CD's. And POPCORN! Yey.!

I tried peeking at the CD's but Donna wont let me.

"They better not be Horror movies!" I shriek.

"Maybe..." Donna and Summer looks at each other grinning.


I just rolled my eyes and pulled the popcorn from Donna. They laugh.

We all settle infront of the TV. All in pajamas and cozy on the couch. Me, holding two bowls of popcorn and two for Donna, Summer and Aunt Deb.

"What are we watching?" I ask them.

"Horror" Aunt Deb says while going to the kitchen to get something.

"FUCK NO!" I keep shaking my head

"C'mon. Get over it." Donna says while putting the CD on the player. "We all agreed. You have no power over us. Besides, the next movie will be a love story. Happy now?"

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