Chapter three "I said What?!"

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Kyle's POV

What the hell is wrong with Abbie? Why is she so mean to Summer? She's never mean to any of the girls i have dated before and now, for the first time, she doesn't like the girl. That is very weird coz Summer is like Donna and Abbie loves Donna. I guess I am still inlove with her. I am so confused right now.

"okay, thank you guys but I really have to go now. It was nice meeting you both." she gave a weak smile. NOOOO!! I don't want her to leave immediately.

"Where are you going?" "Okay" Abbie and I said the same time. I can't help but glance at Abbie and I saw summer did too, she's being such a bitch.

"It doesn't matter. Bye." She didn't even smile and started to walk away.

"Can I atleast get your number?!" I shouted when she was walking away fast but she didn't answer.

"Wow, nice going genius. You should've done that like a minute ago." Abbie said so irritatingly.

"What the fucks wrong with you?!!" I loudly said causing people to give us weird looks. Abbie looked surprised.

She pulled me outside. "What the fuck did I do???" She asked.

"Don't play dumb! Why do you hate Summer?!"

She looked indifferent. "I dont hate her. I just don't like her" then she rolled her eyes.

What kind of answer is that? God, I just want to leave her right now!

I shook my head no, "Screw you." I said and walked away.

"Yeah! go find your princess and live happily ever after!!" she shouted.

"I fucking will!" I shouted back while giving her a sarcatic bow.

I am going to find her. I actually know where she was going. Summer forgot she told me earlier before we got to the mall that she was working at this small cafe called "Chris and Dana's" and she sings there. I hope she is till there. So I hale a cab and told him to go there.

I guess Abbie's being like this because of what she said to me last night.


When I finally arrived at Chris and Dana's I went inside. It wasn't full but it wasn't empty either. I have lived here but never knew about this place.

I look around and I saw Summer. I look at her and she was already sitting at the tall stool infornt of the mike infront of the piano. OMFG? piano?  are you fucking kidding me?! thats SO awesome!

People at the Cafe started to cheer for her. I think they are regular costumers coz Summer knew them too. Most of them are old couples.

She took out a paper from the top of the piano and said, "This goes for Mr and Mrs Goldbridge it says, 'Summer, Can you sing Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra for me and my wife? We most love it when its you singing our wedding song' awwww, thats soooo sweet of you Mr. Gilbert" She smiled at them then started to play the piano.

I took the seat near the stage and I stared at her. She started to sing, her voice is so classy. I mean, I am a metal head but hearing her sing, makes me love whatever song she sings. oh god, I'm so weird right now. When She finally saw me, she looked a bit shocked and I wink at her and she smiled.

oooohh damn! butterflies! but of course I try to keep my cool. Ok calm down man.

She looks at me from time to time while singing. I noticed that there were still like 3 or four paper request to her.

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