Chapter Twelve "NO!"

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Abbie's P.O.V

"Oh shit..." I say to Summer as I put my blouse on. "T-this is n-not what you think it is."

"No. Uhhh.." Summer says as she take a step back. "Its my fault. I barged in unannounced."

I look at Donna and she looks so embarassed and not looking at us. She seemed to snap out of her drunk act spree.

I look back at Summer. She's so dumbfounded. Like she cant believe her eyes. I mean yeah, its some shit you dont see everyday. Especially for her.

"I better go" Summer says and storms away while she closed the door.

"Shit.....shit... shit. Shit shit shit shit SHIT SHIT!" I loundly whispered to my self. I walk around the room back and forth in a fast pace. I dont know if I should follow her or something.

"Abbie." Donna catches my attention. I stopped walking. "I'm sorry. This...this is my fault. I feel SHIT!"

My eyes grew. She never swears. Its the first time I heard her say shit. I sat down beside her.

"Shit??" I ask her.

"Yeah! ....shit." Her voice lowered at 'shit' looking so diffident.

I cant hide my smile. It sounded so forced.

She looks at me and has this 'what?' expression on her face but she was pulling back a laugh.

"Can you say 'motherfucking bitch' "? I smirk daring her.

"Dont push it." She says. We dont know but we started to giggle.

I shook my head. "You know, I'm really sorry." She says.

"No. It's my fault, too." I respond

She nods in agreement. "Just Like, 99% your fault." She grins.

"Fuck you Donna" i joke with a big smile.

"Hey! Langguage!"

"Oh! Theres the Donna I know! Hallelujah!" As i raise my hands to praise her.

She punches my arm. "Shut up" she smiles.

There was a bit of silence that covered us. But it wasnt an awkward kind of silence.

"Well," she says while standing up. "We better get back to the party. I'll just go first" She walks to the door and opened the door.

We nod at each other. She was about to get out. "Hey!" I said outloud that made her look.

"Thank you." I say

"You're welcome." She smiles and closed the door when she left.

I sat there for a little while. Thinking about everything. I remembered Summer was going to tell me something. Can I face her?

This is the weirdest birthday ever. I think to myself.

I've been laying on the bed for about 30mins. I dont know if I should go out of the room. I dont know how to react if I see Summer. But she probably left the party already.

I suddenly hear the door open. I sat down. To see who it is.

"Hey." Summer says as she enters the room.

"H-hi." Damn it. Why the fuck is she still here??

"Donna said you'd be here." She says and closes the door. She sees my bruises but doesnt ask.

"Oh." Was all I can say.

"Can I sit beside you?" She asks with a friendly smile.

I nod. I felt my heart beat is heavier now. My face is firing up. Is it shame? Or its blushing because shes smiling at me after everything. Maybe both.

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