CHAPTER ONE "Funny Feeling"

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April 20

Its my birthday today and the party is still going on. Its 12midnight and everyone is so wasted except for me. Summer told me to NOT get drunk coz she was on her way so i layed off the alcohol and stayed at the balcony drinking soda.

A girl hugged me from behind and covered my eyes. "Guess.." she giggled.

"Summer?" I wasn't sure.

She uncovered my eyes and pulled me to face her.

It was Donna. A very drunk Donna.

She looked so disappointed from my answer.

"Oh, Donn---" before i could even finish she interrupted me with a kiss. I pulled myself back. "Donna, what ar--" she kissed me again.

I cant say i didnt like it. I've had a crush on her before she and Kyle began to date and until now they've broken up.

Donna pulled me inside a room. She closed the door. She was so drunk. I manage to pull myself back.

"Don! what the hell are you doing?"

"What i should've done a loooooong time ago" she giggled and slowly pushed me against the wall.

I felt so weak. I was blushing and nervous. I couldnt decide if i were to stop her or let what i always dreamt of before. I couldnt lie. I was liking it.

She pushed her lips against mine. When i kissed her back she stopped to smile and kisses me again.

We started to go to the bed while we undress each other. I was powerless. Lust took over me.

She was on top of me. She started kissing my neck and i let out a silent moan.

But i remembered Summer. I couldnt pick who i liked more between the two of them.

Donna tried to slip her hands in pants but i stopped her she looked at me a bit shocked. This wasnt right.

Suddenly someone knocked. We both look at the door. The door knob began to twist. Shit! Donna did not lock it. It opened and revealed Summer standing and shocked staring at us both on the bed half naked.

********but before i continue. Let me take you back 3days before my birthday*******

April 17

I was awakened by a banging at my door.

dammit. I was having a nice sleep.

My head hurts from a hangover. last nights party was awe- wait.. I can't actually remember.

"Hey, Abbie its 10 in the morning. Wake up!" He shouted while still knocking way too loud.

It's Kyle. Wow. I'm surprised he called me by my name. He usually call me "shit-face" or "moron" or other dumbass names. whatever comes to his mind.


"We have to go to Donna remember?"

"Oh shit"

I got up. Took a shower. Dressed up and did my make up as fast as I could. then went out of my room and found Kyle waiting by the front door playing with his car keys.

"let's go." He said so calmly. I was expecting him to shout. like always.

I sat shotgun. Before He started the engine he opened the glove compartment then handed me his shades.

"I know you have a hangover. Maybe this will help"

he said without looking at me then started the engine and drove.

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