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"Yes bitch!" I laugh. He hugs me and laughed along with me.

"You're actually alive?" Henry asked. I nod.

"How else would I be here.. anyways, serious question."

"Yup." He smiled.

"Were you mean to my losers while I was gone?" I ask. He thinks for a moment.

"There was one time but, that's really it." Henry shrugs.

"What did you do?"

"I just kinda yelled at Richie. Nothing real bad." He explains. I nod and look back over to Bill's bike.

"I should go now. It was nice talking with you Henry." I smiled and walk over to my bike.

"We need to hang again Y/N. Just because." Henry suggested.

"Gladly. Bye Henry!" I wave and ride back off to Bill's house.

"Guys!" I yell running inside. They all look at me.
"Who wants to play.... TWISTER!?" I shout. Everyone laughed and agreed to play. I run into my room and grab the box. Alright. Here we go.

"Stan, right hand.... Red." Ben orders. Stan puts his right hand under me and squints his eyes.
"Mike... left leg... green." Ben says. Mike slips his hand under me and onto the green spot.
"Eddie.. left hand... yellow." Ben chuckled. Eddie places his hand right next to mine. He's under me, Stan is In front of me and kinda under me. Mike is by my side, and Bill is behind me but also on my right. Beverly decided to sit out with Ben. Richie was just gonna join next round.

"Y/N... right foot.. blue." I move my foot to under Bill. I wanna knock him over. Bill mumbled something under his breath.

"Bill.." I groan.
"What's the matter!!" I ask. He rolls his eyes.

"N-Nothing. Just p-play the
ga-game." He says. I nod. Finally Eddie slipped, that caused Stan to fall, which caused me to fall, which caused mike to fall. Bill was the last one standing.

"Y/N.. you smell like Henry." Eddie complained.

"Shut it. I don't wanna hear it. He's my friend and he hasn't done anything to you recently." I answer. They all groan in annoyance. I roll my eyes.
"Okay. I'm just gonna sit out for a couple rounds. Maybe go take a shower or something." I sigh and stand up. I walk to my room and grab some of my clothes.

Bens pov

Y/N seemed irritated by the subject we were just talking about. She's always so nice to Henry. Only if she saw what happened to me. Henry took a knife to my stomach. He's a asshole. I don't see what she sees in him.
Y/N walks out of her room and into the shower. Her hair is short. Longer than Bev's though. I think it's cute the way Beverly sits out to sit with me. I really like her. I wish I would have actually kissed her recently. She's just so perfect. I want Beverly to me mine. Not Bill's.

Y/N's pov.

I get out of the shower and dry off. I have a bruise on my leg and forehead. I don't even know how the one on my head got there.
I'm really upset with my friends right now. I know what Henry did while I was gone. I just don't understand why they all hate him so much. Oh shit. I forgot about our rock war. I start laughing to myself. That was a great day.

"Henry is a scary bitch. He did some shit Y/N. He doesn't actually like you. Neither do the losers. Look at them all out there."
The voice in my head says. This one sounded like my cousin
I slip on my clothes after the voices took a pause.
Daily outfit⬇️

 Daily outfit⬇️

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"Yeah look. They are all having a great time. Without you. I bet they didn't wanna come look for you. They were gone for quite some time before they came and looked for you." Another commented. That one sounded like my old friend Sean.

"STOP!" I scream. I fall to the ground. Bill comes racing in. He tells the others to wait out in the hallway just in case.

"Y-Y/N. Are y-you okay?" He asked kneeling down to me. I shake my head no.

"They won't stop." I mumble. Bill tilts his head.

"C-can you repeat t-that
ple-please." He asked.

"They won't stop!" I yell and push Bill off of me.
I stand up quickly and look around.

"Look What you're doing Y/N. Look at Bill's face. Doesn't he look scared. You're a monster!" all the voices shout at me. I shake my head no. I run out of the bathroom and into my old one. I slam the door shut and kneel to the ground.
I want to die. I hear thumping and yelling on my door. I look around and see... my dad?

"Dad?" I ask. He smiled and walked over to me.

"Hey princess." I shake my head and scoot away until I reach a wall.

"Not today!" I scream and close my eyes. I open them back up to see Richie. I punch him in the face and cover my mouth from the shock.

"Get em!" Eddie laughed. I giggled a little and went over to Richie.

"Again!" He whined and held his nose. He gets up and walks to the bathroom.

"You okay N/N?" Beverly asked. I nod and stand up.
I guess all of this stuff is just now catching up to me. I wish it would die in a fucking fire. And I wish I was in that fire. Ughhh!

"Y/N. Maybe you should get some sleep. See what we can do tomorrow to help with all of this." Mike suggested. I nod hesitantly. I walk over to my bed with Mike's arm around my shoulders. He helps me into my bed and covers me. Ben walks Over to the wall and shuts off the light.

"NO!" I scream and fall off of my bed. Ben flips the light back on. Bill helps me up and hold my hand again. He helps me back into my bed.
They walk over to the lamp and flick it on. Ben shuts off the actual light. The lamp illuminated the room. It looked kinda pretty.
"Beverly can you sleep with me?" I ask. I don't wanna sleep with the boys tonight. I'm good right now. She nods and walks over to the bed. She lays down with me. The boys all say goodnight and leave. Some go home and some stay here. Me and Beverly chat for a little. After a bit of talking I fell asleep on the subject of school. I could care less.

I woke up and it was still dark outside. I sit up almost immediately. I look over to the clock.
I look over to my right we're Beverly was. She's not there anymore. She must have went home. My anxiety was kicking in. I'm alone at night. I jump out of bed and walk into the living area. There laid a silhouette of a person. I just couldn't see who.

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