the surreal truths

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I walk into my room and change into a baggy shirt and sweatpants. I lay down on my freshly made bed. My eyes still stung from the crying and, my head was pounding. A tear fell down my face as I thought about this day. Can't someone save me. Why can't My dad really be here. I close my eyes as my thoughts clog my brain. Just sleep. Then it will be better tomorrow. Yeah. Tomorrow.

I woke up to my alarm for school yet again. Today is the last week of school until spring break. At least we can catch up on this clown bullshit. I get out of bed and make it nice again. While walking over to my closet a old ball of Georgie's falls off the side table. It's a little bouncy ball. I decide to ignore it and keep walking to my closet. I open the closet door and see Pennywise slowly walking out of it. Whyyyy. My eyes go big and I run out of my room.

"CLOWN!" I yell and run up to bill's room.
"CLOWN!" I yell at him opening his door. I guess mike had stayed the night because, they were both in there changing when I opened the door. I quickly shut it after only seeing them in their boxers.

"IT again?" Bill asked opening the door. I nod. He walks downstairs and looks into My closet and room.

"I swear IT was here!" I panicked.

"It's okay Y/N. He was here probably." Mike reassured me. They both walk out of my room leaving me to change. After 2 minuets of him not showing up, I finally got dressed.
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I walk out of my room to see everyone but Beverly and Ben

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I walk out of my room to see everyone but Beverly and Ben.
I'm not gonna ask because I so want them to get together. After talking over breakfast we all grabbed our bags and started walking to school. We wanted to walk today since... just because. But that's when my disease kicked in.

Mike's pov

As I stood next to Y/N, I saw her eyes turn orange again. I think she gets possessed or something. I always knew Bill's house was haunted.

"What you gonna do Bill-Bill-Bill-Billy boy!?" She taunted Bill.

"S-Stop!" He yelled at her.

"But you've only just started it!" SHe smirked.

"Oh and listen Eddie. No one fucking cares about you stupid shit diseases! They're all FAKE! You only take them for attention." She walked slowly over to Eddie.
"Stan. That lady in the picture..." she paused and laughed right into his face.
"Oh little mike. To afraid to hurt a dying, worthless animal. Now who's the pussy!?" She poked me. I stood strong. I'm not letting her harm me.
"Richie. Think kissing me is gonna make me like you! You're so wrong! Oops. Did I just tell everyone what you did!? Sorry." She stated sarcastically. Richie's face flushed red. Then her eyes went normal again.

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