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Wake up, school, home. My day was stupid. And so on for the rest of the week. It was finally the end of the week. here's to spring break. I walk out of my room and grab a juice box out of the fridge. Me and the boys haven't really talked. The only people I really talk to is Ben, Beverly, and occasionally Henry. I have no idea why he's being nice to me. I'm a loser. I plop down on the couch and watch the tv. I was still in my pajamas from last night. Weekends. All I need.
A sudden knock comes on the door. I jump a little and stand up. Walking to the door I twist the handle. I open the the door to see Beverly.

"Hey bev." I greet her.

"Arcade?" She asked.

"Sorry bev, I don't have any money." I sighed.

"Fine. Let's go to the park or something then." She shrugged. I rolled my eyes with a smile.

"Fine." I giggle. "Let me change real fast." I say walking back to my room leaving the Juice box on the counter. I search my closet and find a outfit that fits my eye today.
Daily outfit⬇️

Walking out of my door I see bev talking to Bill as he walks out of the door

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Walking out of my door I see bev talking to Bill as he walks out of the door.

"Let's go." I say closing the door. We walk down to the park talking about the boys.

"They're taking this crap to far. I don't wanna be kissed out of nowhere." I rant. She nods.

"At least they actually like you." She giggled.

"To much though." I reply. We arrive at the park and I see the boys all there. I furrow my brows and look to Beverly.

"We all need yo talk. NOW." She pointed to them. I slouch down and walk over to them. Sitting down next to Ben and Bill. I lay down on my back. Sometimes I think Beverly is he most reasonable.

"So. To sum this all up, you're all being baby's about this. Who gives a flying fuck! It was one kiss! I didn't even want the kiss. So all of you calm your tits and face reality, I'm a person not a object. So stop treating me like this." I ranted on. Everyone was silent.

"Hey N/N." Henry called to me. I sigh. He tosses me the gun.

"Shooting!" I pipe up. This clown is gonna get it. Once I work on my aim, ohh boy!
I stand up and Bill grabs my hand.

"Henry. Again?" He asked.

"Yup. He's actually not treating me like a object." I yank my hand away and walk with Henry. He takes me back by the river with his friends.

"Dude." Belch chocked. He pointed to the forest where Pennywise was standing. Henry started to freak out as well. Pennywise waved to me with a child's arm. A chill was sent down my back. I raised the gun and aimed closing one eye. Before I knew it he was gone.

"What the fuck." Henry cussed walking over to me. I was shaking.

"That was Pennywise. Or IT." I state dropping the gun. Henry takes me into a hug, I denied at first. But I fell into it with tears flooding out of my eyes.

"Let her go!" Beverly yelled. I fell back onto the rocks.

"Wait Beverly!" I yell. Bev takes my hand and pulls me back up the boys. She pushed me into Stan.

I pull them all into a hug.

"Can we all be good again. I don't wanna fight anymore." I sniffed.

"Yeah." We all answered in unison. We walk to Bill's house and hang out in his garage.

"So. Well House. Let's go." Richie groaned. We all stand up and grab our bags filled with useful items. While getting on our bikes, Ben starts talking about he history of it.
Apparently this man, like 14 years ago, started going to the well house to worship Pennywise. After this he said he would give up his daughter to be with Pennywise. Which the man ended up dying before being able to. Crazy people man.  From multiple people they said they would have never guessed he would have been doing this. Said that he loved his daughter. Life's crazy man.

"Oh jeez Y/N. I don't k-know if I'm r-ready to s-see what's
inside." Bill confessed.

"It's gonna be alright Bill. Everything's gonna be fine." I reassure him.

"Alright. Who's all going in?" Richie asked. I raise my hand.
"All in favor of just Y/N going in?" Richie seemed hesitant.

"No. I'll go in to." Mike raised his hand. Then another went up.

"Let's go kick some clown ass." Beverly piped up.

"Let's go squad fam!" I yell as me, mike and Beverly walk into the well house. It's really gross and broken down.

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