Happy birthday

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"Who's gonna tell her." Stan asked.

"Fine." Eddie whined as they all looked at him.
"They're days to ask you out." He mumbled but I understood him anyways.

"Guys come on. Don't make a schedule. Just ask me." I scoff. They all looked surprised for a second.
"I'm not mad. Trust me. I'm anything but that. Actually I'm pretty happy at the moment." I go on.
"My moms back, I got friends, boys who like me, a house, a broken arm..." I stopped myself from going on.
"Now. This clown... I know where it's REAL house is. There's these sewers, the ones we went in before. Well there's a giant open spot. That's where he stays." I explain.  They all jut nod.

"Got it." Bill says. Later that night we all fell asleep in Bill's room. I was next to Eddie and mike. They both seemed to wanna snuggle. On this part I didn't wanna snuggle. So I got up and moved next to Stan and Richie. I'm good fam.

"Snuggle boys." I whisper to him. Stan nods.

"Yeah. They never wanna snuggle me." He pouts. I frown.

"Sorry stanly." I smirk. My heart sank again. Whyyyyy. He grabbed my hand and smiled.

"Please." He begged.

"Fine. You can hold my hand." I whisper. He chuckled and holds onto my other hand that's not broken until, he falls asleep. Oh goodness. Honestly this was cute. Hold on you ding dong. Just sleep. Block it out. Block it out.  About 5 minuets later I was asleep. I was dreaming about all of us. I woke up the next morning to almost everyone out of the room. It was only me, Mike, and Eddie. Dhnkajheudsjsuwj. I slowly stand up and walk to the door. Not wanting to make any noise. I twist the handle and slowly open the door. There stood Bill Beverly, Ben, Stan, my mom, Zack, and Sharon. Bill and Stan were holding a sign that read:
I fell to the ground with shock.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" They all sang. Even Eddie and mike woke up. I'm shook. Totally forgot! Tears fell down my face. HAPPY TEARS AGAIN!?
They all gave me a big group hug, minding my cast.

"Love you guys!" I yell out. They all laughed and said

"We love you too!" Oh gosh. Shucks man. Zack and Sharon decided we should go to the arcade! Yeah boy! Then go to Zappos pizza for dinner

I walk back over to my own room and get dressed.
Daily outfit⬇️

I walk back out and look to everyone

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I walk back out and look to everyone. Richie laughed because I was wearing the sweater he gave me.

"HENRY!" I yell out of realization. Wasn't I supposed to have lunch with him. That's later though. Hmm. On the way to the arcade I stop by his house and tell him about it. I think he'll understand. We got all packed up and left. Like I said. Henry's house. I knock on the door. His father answers.

"Aren't you the girl who was using my gun?" He greeted me.
What a nice greeting.

"Yes. I need to talk with Henry." I say.

"What are you, his new girlfriend?" He chuckled.

"No-No. I'm just a friend." I answer.
He called for Henry. There he came to his voice. It was like he was scared of him.

"Hey Henry. I can't make it to lunch today. I totally forgot today is my birthday. But we're going to Zappos pizza for dinner. You're welcome to come if you'd like." I invite him. He nods.

"I'll see if I can make it." He nods. I wave and walk back to my car. We took two cars because we can't all fit in one. I was in the car with my mom, Richie, Bill, and Beverly. I sat in front.

We made it to the arcade. My mom got me some coins and walked into the eating area with Zack and Sharon. They seem to be getting along okay. I know Zack and Sharon aren't exactly happy with my mother. She did kinda give up on me.

"Hey doll face! Come play with us!" Richie called for me. I smiled and ran to them. Richie was playing a fighting game.
"That's Bill." He whispers to me pointing to the other guy he was so called 'fighting'. I giggle.

"UGHH!" I whine out.

"My turn!" Eddie beamed. He beat me pretty bad. Why do I suck so badly.

"Y/N!" Beverly called me. She was sitting in the same race car seat as last time. I walk over and get into my own. I put the coins in and pick my vehicle. Let me just say this, playing these games with a broken arm is like hell! You lose so badly. Steering was okay. Pinball sucked ass. And I haven't played any others just yet.

"Dang it." I scoff.
"My damn Arm!"

"Yeah. Good game though." Beverly smiled.

"Sure." I giggle. I stand up and walk over to Bill. He was doing the claw machine.

"Whatcha tryin' to get?" I asked.

"That." He points to a plushie of a turtle.

"Nice." I laugh.

"It's cute." He looks over to me with his stupid smile.

"Y/N." Stan called me over. I run over to him. He was playing dance dance revolution.
"Wanna play?" He asked.
I nod. I get onto the arrow pad.
We pick the song; wake me up before you go-go by Wham!
I was kicking ass. Stan was still winning though. How the hell Stan. I started laughing way to hard when he actually started to sing the song.

"What the hell stan!?" Richie backs away slowly. The song ends and I see sweat on Stan's head.

"That was exhausting." He laughed.

"I know. My stomach hurts from all the laughter." I beamed.

"How'd you get that fast!?" Eddie asked Stan.

"Your sister. She likes it rough." Stan mocks. That caused me and the others to start laughing other than Eddie.
We played for a while more. I lost almost every game. I won a game with Eddie. We played dance dance revolution again. He SUCKED. Nothing new. I bet he sucks a lot of things. Lmao.
No but, all in all the arcade was everything. So much fun. That was until we ran out of coins. We went back to Bill's house. I grabbed my swim suit⬇️

I'm not one to actually wear a REAL swimsuit

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I'm not one to actually wear a REAL swimsuit. I put the coat Ben got me over the top. My bottoms are just shorts so whatever. I run out and get onto my bike. Bill was behind me as always. I start to peddle away to the quarry. I get there and see the everyone already there except for Bill. He road in after me.

"Nice jacket." Ben chuckled.

"Thanks!" I smiled and placed it down on the tree.

"Who's gonna go first?" Eddie asked.

After a full two minutes of Lugey competitions I just jumped in the water.

"Holy hell Y/N!" Eddie choked. Right after that Beverly jumped it.

"You just got beat by two girls Eddie." Richie laughed.
Richie jumped in and almost hit me. After that mike and the rest jumped in as well.

Anyone have any book recommendations?🙃

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