the water war

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"Wanna play chicken?" Richie asked us. I quickly swim over to mike. He helps me onto his shoulders. I was against Beverly. Beverly was on bens shoulders. Ben was blushing intensely.
It was a tough fight.  Only because of my cast I lost. Like always.

"ANOTHER ROUND!" I order. Richie gave me a sly smile. He swims over to me. I nod. I get onto his shoulders. I was against Eddie. Eddie was on Bill's shoulders. I push Eddie a little. Eddie slaps my hand away.

"H-HEY!" I hear Bill yell before him a Eddie fall over. I stay on Richie's shoulder and cheer. Then before I knew it me and Richie got pushed over by Bill and Eddie. I swam back up to surface. We all start laughing.

"SPLASH WAR!" Ben yelled. Right after that I got fricken slammed with a crap ton of water. Then I got revenge. Beverly and Ben came to my side and started splashing the other boys. I wish every day was like this. We still have this damn clown to catch.

"GUYS LETS GO!" Zack yelled at us. We all get out of the water and back home. I was changing because I didn't wanna wear a sweater to my birthday dinner.

We all pile into the cars

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We all pile into the cars. As we drive we play I spy. There wasn't a lot to see. Just trees and houses.

As we walk into the place, we see Henry had already gotten us a table. I know the losers don't like him, but he's been nice to me. And he hasn't picked on them. Well at least not when I'm around. We all walk over to the table. Henry was out in his own mind that he didn't even realize we were there. His minions weren't here either so yeah...

"Hey space cadet!" I wave a hand in front of his face. He jumps back a little then looks at me.

"Oh! Happy birthday N/N!" He greets me with a hug. I heard the rest of us groan and scoff. I sit down at the long table. Beverly and Eddie sat next to me.

Time skip

After eating it was finally dark outside. Their pizza was actually pretty good.

"sleep over!" I jumped up as we left the place. I wasn't gonna invite Henry so I waited until he left. We all pile into the car again.

Henry's pov.

After I got into my car I heard Y/N yell "SLEEP OVER!" She was only yelling to the losers. Ugh. Why can't she Just see I like her. Just as much as the boys do. I wanna be at her sleep over. I wanna be with her. Ugh.

Beverly's pov.

We all pile up into the car. Y/N seemed to be having a good time. I'm glad to see her happy. That's what all friends want. I'm glad we're all friends. I don't know what would be going on if we weren't.

Bens pov.

I saw everyone laughing and having a good time. Beverly seemed so happy for Y/N. It was kinda cute. I'm glad we're all friends. Especially me and bev. She's so sweet, pretty, and funny. Just like Y/N. It's so nice to have all of them.

Bill's pov.

We were all laughing at a joke
Y/N said. She's so beautiful. Everything about her makes me so happy. I wish she knew how much I love her. More than she could ever know. Oh shoot! She caught me staring. Look away.

Eddies pov.

Bill just got caught staring at Y/N. I've never felt the same way that I feel about Y/N with anyone else. I think I love her. Too much though. If she leaves or chooses some one else I don't think I would be able to make it. God her smile. Now she caught me staring. ABORT MISSION!

Mikes pov

Eddie and Bill both got caught staring. I just looked out the window. Her bright smile was in the reflection. She looked so pretty tonight. Now I know why Henry wanted to be friends with her. I mean who wouldn't. She just so perfect. I love her. She's looking at me.

Richie's pov.

Haha! I don't know what I'm doing. She's staring at Bill. Oh boy. Get her attention you dingle berry!
Then a Nicky Minaj came on.

(I know she wasn't around then but just pretend. Lmao)

"OH MY GOSH Is this Nicky manag!?" I mispronounce her last name. That caused a laugh from Y/N. Her bright smile was brighter than my future. Then Eddie starts yelling right Into my ear.

"Eddie you fag!" I push him away. He chuckled and sat down.

Stans pov.

"Eddie you fag!" Richie says pushing Eddie onto me. Eddie chuckled.

"EDDIE! Your pills are crushing my balls!" I yell pushing him off of me.
Y/N was dying of laughter. I love her laugh. Especially when we were playing. Dance dance revolution. She Just so amazing. I love her more than anything.

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