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Get ready for a long chapter next🙃 also updated twice today😊

Your POV.

After dying multiple times over and over again I finally fully woke up. That was hell.
From what I've heard I was hit by a car and, got put into a coma. I don't even remember what happened. I just remember shooting my dad then, running to Bill's house. Also why do I feel like I got kicked in the balls. I don't have balls. Doesn't matter. This man walks in the room he looked like a scientist.

"Y/N." He greets me. I nod. He hands me these clothes. They had a weird feeling around them. They seem to familiar. The man walks out allowing me to get dressed.

The shirt was a little big

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The shirt was a little big. The rest of the clothes fit pretty well. The pants were a little long but that's whatever. I put my hair in a side braid. Well I tried. I didn't know most of my hair is gone. They had cut it short.
like this⬇️

It didn't look bad

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It didn't look bad. I was just not use to it. I walk up to the mirror and style it a little.
The man pounds on the door.

"Let's go Y/N." He yelled at me. I breath in and open the door. He nods and we start walking. I kept a straight face. I'm stronger than this. I can do this. I'll get back to the losers. I know I will.

Richie's pov.

I got the letter. It's fake. I know it is. Trust me. I just don't believe it.
I haven't talked to Bill or anyone other than Stan for the last two months. Bill was to involved with Y/N. Apparently they were supposed to go on a date or something before Y/N left. I should talk with him. Me and Stan always talk about Y/N. He seems more distant from that subject now. I leave the letter on the counter and exit out my front door. There stood Henry bowers. What the hell does he want.

"Henry." I greet him.
He only shakes his head.

"If it weren't for you and your little loser gang she wouldn't be dead tozier." He says walking closer to me.

"Oh contrary. Actually she's not dead. They're lying." I shake my head.

"Alright asshole. Speak up." Henry mocks me.

"That's a forged signature. I've seen the real one to many times. I know where she is. Now I just need to talk with Bill." I say walking past him. He growled at me. I scoff and flip him off with both hands and, continue walking. I get to his house and see him already talking with Mark. I've met Mark. Bill brought him to a party once. Doesn't matter.

"Oh billy boy!" I shout walking towards him faster.
"Did she do the... thingy?" I ask. He only nods his head.

"Wh-Where have you b-been?" He crossed his arms.

"With Stan. And at home. My parent don't care if I go to school or not right now."

"Whatever." He sighed.

"The letter is fake. The one on your living room floor about Y/N. It's fake. The signature is forged." I state. He looks rather surprised.

"But the w-woman at the d-desk."

"They lie. They probably bugged the place. If they answer wrong they'll die or something." I fix my glasses.

"S-So It's government

"Sure. Was the body real or fake?" I ask Mark's Mom.

"Fake. It was a replica. Might I say it was a really bad one as well." Mark's Mom replied.

"Good. We search for her tomorrow." I order.

"Richie. We n-need to t-talk." Bill grabs my arms and pulls me away.
"Mark's dad is is j-jail for hitting a g-girl. This g-girl could be Y-Y/N." He whispers so Mark and his mom can't hear. I only nod.
I start to walk away.

Your POV.

The man helps me into a black car. I hope this goes okay.
He starts to drive and I stay quiet.

"So Y/N. I've heard a lot about you." He starts talking. I only stare out my window.
"They say your dad went crazy. Was it you who shot your father?" He continued. I didn't answer again.
"Now, I need you to talk. You won't be in trouble if you answer yes or no." I sigh.

"Yes. I killed my father. Is that what you wanna hear! I shot him right between the eyes!" I freak out at him. He doesn't seem to surprised.

"We'll see that's not true. We found his body. But you wanna hear something crazy?" He asked.

"Sure! Why not." I lean down in my seat.

"His body was a fake. Plastic. Just like the one we gave the police to use for you."

"You used a fake body of me. So my friends think I'm dead!" I shot up. He chuckled.

"Yes. They do. Everyone thinks your dead." He laughed.

"Bastard!" I yell. He stops the car. We're at a big building. There were other people in white coats like him.

"Wear this." He demands handing me a white jacket. I roll my eyes and slip it on.

"What is this place." I ask. He shrugs.

"Your new home." He smirked evilly.

"No! I refuse to live here!" I shout at him. That got everyone's attention. Two other people grab me by my arms and take me away to a room while I scream and kick.

Stan's pov.

I can hear Y/N screaming in my head as I lay down on my bed. Ever since she's been so called dead I've been here. I haven't moved other than to use the bathroom.
Her loud screams fill my head. She's screaming for her mom Bill's Parents and all of the losers.


As Stan sits in his bed hearing
Y/N scream for her life, Bill and Richie are searching for any trace of her. So far they've found nothing. Not surprising. Y/N sits in her room quietly waiting for the man to come back into the room. Eddie sits at home yelling at his mom about all of this.
Mike sits in his barn awaiting more info about Y/N from Bill. Beverly and Ben are sharing quietness in her living room. But what they all didn't know is that
Y/N's dad is planning his next attack.

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