ITs back

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I walk into the house and see bill watching tv.

"Bill. We need to talk."
I state firmly. He turns towards me flashing his blue eyes.

"I d-don't feel like t-talking." His voice was scratchy and his face was a slight tint of red.

"Bill, this is important." I cross my arms.

"I-I already to-told you! I do-don't feel like t-talking!" Bill raised his shaking voice at me. My heart stopped for a moment. I stood still.

"I SAW THE CLOWN AGAIN!" I yelled and stomped off to my room.
"THOUGHT YOU MIGHT WANNA KNOW BECAUSE OF YOUR DEAD BRO-" I stopped myself and fell onto my bed. Shit Y/N! What are you saying! His life is better than yours, and no you come around ruining it all! All because of you!
He opens my door with tears streaming down his face.

"Don't ever talk about him with that disrespectful tone!" Bill didn't stutter. He stood strong and told me off. A single tear fell down my face. I'm done with fighting. That's all I've ever really done! I'm done with FIGHTING. I stood up and hugged Bill as tight as I could. To my surprise he hugged me back. He nuzzled his head into my shoulder and cried salty tears.

Next morning

Stan's pov
(Surprising right? Haven't really done Uris at all)

I woke up this morning with a headache. Probably from all the candy and screen time I had yesterday. I sat up from my bland bed and walked to my door. 
I slowly open my door and see a red balloon. Now I'm not dumb. The damn clown is here. I turn around and see the woman with a cracked and crooked face holding a knife. Her dress flowing out. Her skin cracking. I start to panic and
Run out of my room, I go and bump into Eddie.
Wait Eddie? What is he doing in my house.

"Eddie? What are you doing inside of my living room?" I ask. He helped me up and jerked back a little.

"What the fuck is that!" He squealed.

"That's the lady in the picture! Run!" I yell as we run out of my house slamming the door behind us. We run all the way to Bill's. We knew that Y/N would be his next subject. We can't really put a finger on why though. (Probably because it's a cliche book😂)

"S-stan? Eddie? What a-are you guys d-doing in my living
r-room?" Bill asked. That sentence took me back to recent events.  After his sentence Y/N comes bursting out of her room and embraced me in a hug.

"Stan! I saw the clown again! It was awful! It had this-this picture of you! And-And the frame broke, and stuff happened." She cried out of fear.
Why is she telling me? Oh wait! Because the picture was of me? Is that why the lady in the picture came for me? Must be.

"It's okay. He did come for me but Eddie was my hero in disguise." I rub her back a laugh a little from my humor.

"Thank you Eddie. It's greatly appreciated!" Y/N giggled.

"Why d-didn't you t-tell me?" Bill asked walking over to us. His normal blue eyes were blood shot and his hair looked like it hasn't been brushed in ages.

"Ok! We-we're taking down
this-this fucking clown!" Eddie freaked out pacing in the living room.

"Eddie calm down." Y/N ordered.

"Calm! Calm!?! How do you-you expect me to be calm when a CLOWN is coming to EAT me alive!!" Eddie kept pacing and sucked the inhaler.

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