the arcade

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Scratch that schedule. I can never stick to them anyways. Lol. Ok leggo (my eggo)

The next morning I woke up to my alarm for school again. But yet it was Saturday. Yay! I get to stay home and be awkward with Bill! Everything I ever dreamed of.
I grab my walkie talkie and speak into it.

"Anyone wanna meet up at the arcade?" I ask.
The thing was fuzzy for a couple minutes until someone finally spoke.

"Sounds fun!" Beverly chirped. I giggle and respond back quickly.

"Meet me there in 10." I ordered. She responded with and 'okay'. I got up and found another new outfit from Richie's mom. ⬇️

I try it on and see how it fits

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I try it on and see how it fits. It fits pretty nice actually.
I walk out my door and see Bill there putting new batteries into the walkie talkie.

"Going to the arcade." I told him and left. I wasn't angry with him. I just didn't know how to talk with him at the moment. Well I was a little pissed but that's it. I walk to the arcade and see Eddie and Beverly standing there.

"Hope it's okay that I brought Eddie along." Beverly shrugs.

"Oh. Oh! Yeah that's fine. He probably won't even play any games." I mock him.

"Hey! Yes i will." He pouted. Me and bev giggle and we all walk Into the arcade. The air inside smelled of popcorn and metal. The heated up plastic also filled our noses as we walk around to the front desk.

"Here." Beverly says handing the person at the desk 5 dollars. The guy nods and hands coins back to bev.

"Coins please." I chimed as I handed him 10 bucks. He smiled and got me coins.

"Her-here." Eddie hands the man a 10 cautiously.
The man hands Eddie his coins and Eddie twitched in disgust.

"Eddie you twitch. They're just coins. Don't get your panties in a bunch." I tease him.

"Ha! I don't wear panties like you!" He mocks me back.
"Only girls wear panties. Plus! I wouldn't fit into them!" He says trying to point Out things that are probably already pointing out from this conversation. Yes. You read that right.

"Alright Eddie. You're right. They would be to big." Beverly back me up. I giggle and put some coins into a claw machine. I try to get this cute little teddy bear but lose and catch air. My dad was always good at claw machines. Me and Beverly walk away to go race each other.
We sit in the chairs and put clumsy into the machine. We pick out the car or truck we want then chose custom objects we want. We pick England to race at. Because England is my city.

We got to the final lap and Beverly was in front of me. Right before the finish line I used a power up from my engine and sped in front of her. Yeah I wasn't in 1st or anything. But I was in 3rd and in front of bev.

"Good game!" I high five her and fall backwards off the chair. To my luck I was saved from a certain curly haired boy. Stan.
"Thanks." I laugh at myself and stand up.

"Be more careful next time. You're lucky I was there." Stan rebuked me. I giggle and brush myself off. Off we went to explore on and on into the arcade. After a while I realized a certain germaphobe wasn't around. Where did Eddie run off to?

"Eddie!" I shouted through the arcade.

"What!" He yelled back from across the arcade.

"Where are you!?" I shout back.

"Somewhere! I'll meet up with you guys in a minute!" He replied.

"Sorry guys. I gotta go. Maybe we can do this again with the rest of our squad (fam)" Stan waved as he left me and Beverly playing dance dance revolution. Beverly beat me at this game. Might I say she is very free flowing. 

"Umm. I want you to know. I don't like you the way the boys do." She informed me.

"I didn't think you did! But whose your crush!" I ask like a typical teenage girl.

"Okay okay. Fine. I like Ben and Bill." I smile wide and jump a little. She can have both at the moment.

Soon enough Eddie comes around and hands me the teddy bear I was trying to win in the claw machine. He hands me the bear. He had a crap ton of other things in his pockets and hands.

"THANK YOU!" I yelled a little to loud. I hugged Eddie and he hugged me back. This was honest cute. We all walked out of the arcade and back to Richie's house. Yes I know Richie wasn't with us but we wanted to visit with him.

"Hey guys." Richie answered kinda upset.

"You alright tozier?" I ask hugging my bear. It was pretty big for a teddy bear.

"Nothing. I have to go." He responded and started closing the door.

"Come on tozier! We wanna hang!" Eddie bubbled stopping the door.

"Stop! I have to go!" Eddie firmly told us.

"What's wrong Richie? Hiding a whore inside?" Beverly asked crossing her arms.

"No. He's probably just mad because his mom has a bigger dick then him." Eddie laughed.

"Ha ha! Funny." Richie sarcastically replied.
"Now I really have to go." Richie slammed the door.

"I rather not go back to my house." Beverly mumbled.

"Yeah. My mom might get mad." Eddie added in.

"I would let you guys come back with me but, it's not my house." I scoffed.

"Yeah. Maybe tomorrow we can meet up again?" Eddie suggested.

"Gladly!" I beamed.

"Okay. See you guys later." Beverly and Eddie walked back to their house. I was still standing by Richie's door.

"Y/N. I need to talk with you." Richie sighed opening the door. I nod and he pulls me inside.
"We all know Bill kissed you. Well other than Beverly and Eddie." Richie scoffed and fell back onto his couch.

"I didn't want him to. It kinda just happened." I shrug and fall next to him.

"Sorry about that. He almost always gets the girls he likes. I guess he's just not use to not." Richie pointed out. I looked over to him a light reflecting in his big glasses.

"Your glasses okay?" I ask touching them a little.

"Yeah. They didn't break." Richie spoke softly.

"I really meant what I said. You really are beautiful." Richie beamed pushing a strand of hair behind my ear. I knew what was coming next and I shot up off the couch.

"Not today tozier!" I pointed to him and walked to his door.

"But maybe another day?" He whined.

"Maybe." I say sternly and walk out of his house and back to Bill's. Today was ridiculously fun.  
That's when I saw something red in the corner of my eye. I start sprinting home.

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