that was awkward

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I walk back into Bill's house after we dropped off the other kids. I guess we weren't having a sleepover. That's totally fine though. I mean we kinda have one every week or so.

"Hey Y-Y/N?" Bill says. I turn to him holding a balloon.

"Yes Bill."

"I'm g-glad w-we're okay a-again."
He smiled.

"Me too billy boy." I walk over to him and ruffle his hair.
"Good night bill." I say walking into my own room. I LOVE all my friends. Some more than others. I think I actually LOVE the boys almost as much as they love me.
The next morning I woke up to my alarm. Today is Tuesday. I guess I never turned it off. I wonder if it was going off when I was in Bill's room. Who knows. I push off my blankets and walk over to my wardrobe.
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I walk out of my room to see Beverly and Bill

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I walk out of my room to see Beverly and Bill.

"Bill I think I like-" she started.

"BEN! She likes Ben!" I yell out. I don't want her telling bill! Is this jealousy. But why. Beverly shot me a look. It wasn't a nice one either.

"Oh! Th-that's nice. He s-said he likes y-you too." Bill says. Yay!

"Really?" She asked.
She still sounded pretty mad.
"Doesn't matter. I gotta go. Talk with you later Bill." She waved walking away. I just did that to my best friend. Why.

"I had fun yesterday. Thank you Bill." I beamed. He only smiled and nodded.

"I'll see you later." I walk out the door. I'm going to the store. I want some chips. Sharon and Zack don't have any. I have about.. 16 bucks. I walk into the store and see a bunch of police.

"Her!" The pharmacist yelled pointing to me.

"What! WhAT did I do?" I shout at him. Did my voice just crack. What's happening? I'm confused.
"I just want some chips!" I whine. One of The police officers walks over to me. He hands me some chips and grabs my arm. He drags me outside.

"Dr. Keen here says you tried to attack him. He also says you and your friends pulled a prank on him." The police explained. I open the chip bag.

"I did nothing of the sorts. Me and my friends only asked him for what could be causing some symptoms I was having. And if I was trying to hurt him, he would already be hurt." I shrug eating my chips.

"And you didn't bleed out of your eyes?" He hints.

"Yes I did. That was a symptom."
The police man scoffs.
"He's old. He doesn't know what he's talking about." I continue. The police man scratches his beard.

"Okay. You're free to go. Don't cause any trouble." He scolds me.

"Thanks for the chips!" I beam and jog away. I look up and see a clown towering over me. I fall down and some of my chips fall out of the bag.
"Dammit Pennywise! I just got those!" I whine picking the chips up.
I turn back around and see my father.

"Dad i-" I couldn't continue because he slapped me.

"Don't listen to your mom. She's crazy! Only if you knew what she did while you were gone. That's not your mom. It never has been." He shouts at me.

"No! The only fake person is you!" I shout at him. The wind started to pick up. He looked pissed at me. He's a liar!

"Y/N. I loved you! You let the love go away! You loved your mother more than me. So Pennywise became my priority. This power was gonna help me get you back. That was until something horrible happened to your mom."

"I don't CARE! You were gonna give me to Pennywise! You're a lier!" I cried out. I started running away with my chips.
I made it to the closest house. I saw Pennywise chasing after me. I start rapidly knocking on the door.

"RICHIE OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR!" I shout. His mom ended up opening the door. I fall down since I was leaning up against the door. I look out the door and see the damn clown was gone. I run up to Richie's room. There he sat. Kissing this girl heather. DEAR LORD! Why do I wanna cry. They pull away and Richie looks at me. His eyes go wide.

"Just when-" I couldn't continue. I ran out of his room. I ran out of his house. Wait. I think I left my chips in there. I ran back in and grabbed my chips. Then I jog back to bill's house. About half way there I started walking. Are you kidding me? I can't run that much. I walk into Bill's house crying. I wasn't over the top crying. Barely even. Only a couple tears fell down. I go into my room. Seconds later Bill walks into my room.

"Y-you Okay?" He asked sitting on my bed.
I nod and wipe away my tears.
"W-what happened?"

"I saw the clown again. I got into a fight with my dad, ran to Richie's house. Walked in his room and, saw him kissing heather." I look away ashamed. He seemed a little jealous.

"Why d-do you ca-care?" He asked.

"BECAUSE I LOVE ALL OF YOU!" I shout standing up.
"I didn't think I did at first! But I did. I love all of you. I blocked it out. It came back in. I love you Bill. I love mike, I love Eddie, I love Stan! I love Richie. I LOVE all of you." He seemed took aback for a moment.

"How wo-would you answer i-if I asked you on a d-d-date. You know. To get aw-away from all of-"

"Yes Bill. I want to." I smile and plop back on my bed.

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