the well house

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As we all walk into the well house I can hear creaking wood from upstairs.

"Guys!" Beverly calls me over. Me and mike walk over to her. She was holding a piece of paper.

"What the hell?" Mike says taking the picture into his own hands

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"What the hell?" Mike says taking the picture into his own hands. I run to the door and listen to the boys again.

"Richie come on man. You kissed her! Just calm down." Ben says.

"Y-Yeah. Your moving w-way to fast. She d-doesn't like it l-like that." Bill informed him.

"I know. She just looked so.." Richie trailed off. I open the door and grab Richie's button up shirt by the collar. I pulled him over to mike and Beverly.

"I'm missing?" He asked grabbing the paper.
"What the hell! I'm MISSING!" He shouts out.

"No you aren't. He's playing with us." I respond. Richie stared at the crinkled piece of paper. Beverly impatiently tapped her foot. Mike stood there watching Richie.

"Richie. Are you coming with us or?" Mike asked.

"Yeah-Yeah. Last go." He sets down the paper and we continue to walk down the gross old muggy house.

All in all what's happened so far is we found more garbage upstairs. Me and Beverly decide it would be best if we went back downstairs. So we all agreed on that. While walking downstairs the fridge door slowly started to open. Then came on IT. IT looked so creepy crawling out of the fridge. Reminded me of the girl in the ring. Eww. He grabs my arm and pulls me to his side. Beverly, Mike, and Richie all step back a little. The clown kicks Richie down and brings out sharp claws from his finger tips.

"How would you like to die alone?" Pennywise asked me. I shook my head no as he put his claw to my throat.

"Let her go you freak!" Mike yelled throwing a smushed Can at IT. Pennywise growled at mike. He dropped my the ground breaking my arm.

"Y/N!" Beverly yelled out getting IT's attention.

"A balloon?" Beverly scoffs as Pennywise hands her a red balloon. It pops and blood splatters all over her and mike.
While I cried in pain from my arm, I started scooting away to grab my fallen backpack. I grab my walkie talkie and press down the button.

"GUYS!" I screamed into the devise. Now that caught Pennywise's attention.

"Y/N?" A man said entering the room we were in. I recognized that voice.
I turn my head to see my dad in flesh and blood.

"Papa!" I yell out to him. Tears stained my face. Right when I thought I was okay I felt thicker liquid come through my eyes again.

"This wasn't part of the deal!" My father yelled.
"It was for you to hand her over to me first. Then You do the rest!"

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