the end of IT

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The clown went and puked on Eddie. That caused Eddie to fall onto Richie. That cause Stan to help them up. That cause mike and Ben to start hitting the clown. That caused Bill to be in a venerable position because Eddie bumped into him. Y/N ran up and growled at the clown.

IM NOT SCARED OF YOU!" Y/N ranted on and on. The clown seemed phased by her actions. His skin on his head started peeling off. "DIE!" She cried hitting him over and over again. Each time with more force. Eddie was freaking out over the puke that had been thrown on him. Richie watched as Y/N hit the clown. Bill was picking up items he had dropped. Stan was trying to clean up his face. Ben was holding on to Beverly.

"You made me walk through shitty water, dragged me through a crack house... and now I'm gonna have to kill this fucking clown!" Richie shouted. The clown backs up until it met with a hole. It seems to lead down the nothing. Just darkness. The clown was now scared of us. He climbed down the hole. We all cheered. Then Eddie threw up.

"Fucking clowns." Eddie cursed. Y/N and her friends giggle at Eddie.

"That's our cue to leave. We will get the police to check this out." Y/N suggested. The boys and Beverly nods.
They all bolt out of the sewers.

Richie's pov

"Richie." Y/N calls me over. I walk over oh so cautiously.
"I saw you kissing heather." Yeah. I know this already. The rest of the group were farther ahead.

"I'm aware." I state.

"Richie." She says again stopping. I look to her and stop as well. That was a mistake. Y/N punches me straight in the face. What was I expecting? A hug?

"you just fucking punched me!" I shout. She gives me a quick side hug then runs off. What is her problem? That was the worst hug ever.


The boys and Beverly run to the police stations while Y/N runs to her moms house. She runs into her hideout behind her house. There her dad sat inside.

"You wanted to meet me here. So here I am!" Y/N shouted at her dad. Mixed emotions ran through her head. Anger, sadness, but most of all she was scared. Today is the day.

"Good. Now listen very carefully. I want you to kill your mother. If she's dead I can have you back." He smirked evilly. "She's the one with the restraining orders anyways. He hands Y/N a gun.

"You want me to kill my mother?" Y/N eyed the gun.

"Yes." He answered evilly. Boy his smile could kill. In a bad way. Wicked.

"Okay." Y/N nods her head. What was she doing. Why would she kill her mom. Did she really hurt Y/N that bad. Y/N turned around after seeing her fathers satisfied face. She turned back around and shot her dad right between the eyes. He fell to the ground. Y/N dropped the gun and ran away. The blood had splattered all over her clothes. She runs into Bill's house and to her room. Zack and Sharon were freaking out over this. They had saw the blood already. There was no use trying to cover it up. Y/N changed into another outfit.
She puts her clothes into a basket and runs back out. She wiped away the blood from her skin. Meeting up with the guys after all of this. Everything was in slow motion. While running to find them a car came speeding out in front of her. Then everything went black. Bye bye Y/N. Have a nice eternity in hell.

Stan's pov.

As me and the rest peer around the corner. We see Y/N. She smiled at us widely. Something in her smile seemed crazy. She runs into the road and a car hits her. The car speeds off not stopping. But who was this driver. Was it someone we knew? If so who? We all run to her side. Her breathing was scarce. After killing this clown once and for all she's gonna die over a car? A fucking car!? She's to tough for this. She'll make it. Me and mike run into the ice cream parlor and scream at them for a phone. They called the police for us since we had no words to use.

The ambulance soon showed up and took her away from us. Why now. Why her. Couldn't it have been me? Only if. Y/N deserves better than us. Than anything that's happened. I love her. If she doesn't make it. I will literally go insane. She's my everything. Why did this happen. I'll see you soon love.

Another short one. Sorry friends🙃

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