i want my chips

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||I kinda want chips now lmao||
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I lay my head down my my pillow. After all of this I just wanted chips and a nap. My chips went through hell today. I'm just glad they're okay now. I was laying down eating my chips. Then my door slammed open.

"We're going to the sewers. You coming?" Stan asked. I groan and get out of bed.

"See you later chips!" I wave to them and exit my bedroom. There everyone stood. Even Richie. I didn't make eye contact with him that whole time. Now me, Beverly, and Richie are all in a weird state with each other.


Y/N got her backpack and headed out the door with the boys. They all get onto their bikes and head to the sewers. They place down their bikes at the park. They run down the rocks and make it to the sewer pipe thingy. Y/N had a lot of memories. Some bad, some good. Mostly bad though.

"Let's do this thing!" Y/N shouted running through the grey water.
Bill and the rest followed close behind. Eddie was freaking out from the "piss and shit"
Richie picks up a stick and smells it. Eddie's face was so fucking funny.

"Doesn't smell like caca to me señor!" Richie says putting down the stick.

"Have you ever heard of a staff infection!?" Eddie squealed.

"Oh I'll give you a staff infection!" Richie taunted Eddie putting the stick where his penis is and flung it around. 
The boys emotions when they entered the tunnel was priceless. Beverly seemed unfazed. The place seemed grosser then before. There seemed to be more kids floating. Stan started walking a little ways in front of all of us.

"Bill!" They all heard a little boy yell. Y/N looked over and saw Georgie. His arm was bitten off. He seemed scared. More scared than Y/N was to see this damn clown. Imagine being trapped down here with him. Imagine all the fear these floating kids have.

"It's not him Bill!" Eddie pointed out.
While bill was interacting with Georgie Y/N was looking for IT.
Y/N heard Stan scream out. Y/N searched for him and found him by another opening. This gross woman was biting his face. Like literally his whole face! Y/N ran over to Stan and grab the pepper spray out of her bag. Many things were going through her mind. What if the woman comes after her. What if her dad left her for this woman? That would be horrible. This lady's gross. Y/N
sprayed the pepper spray at the woman. The crooked woman hissed at Y/N. She got away from Stan's bleeding face.

"GET AWAY!" Y/N yell at the woman. She hissed again and slithered away into the sewer opening. Stan started freaking out. He started freaking out more when the rest of the group crowd around him.

"YOU AREN'T MY FRIENDS!" He ranted on and on. Y/N didn't seem to be listening to stan. She seemed to be focusing on the clown at hand.
(Ha ha get it. Hand. Because Georgies hand was bitten off. I'll go home🙃)
She watched as the tall clown peers around from the opening.

"HOLY shit!" Eddie squeaked.
Y/N rolls her eyes and goes for a pipe laying on the ground. Pennywise doesn't seem to scared of Y/N nor her friends.
IT starts coming out of the sewer opening.
He starts playing with the losers. Taunting them about things they've done, their family, anything you could think of. Before they knew it he had disappeared again. When they looked around they saw a clown sitting on a box. It was like a stuffed animal clown. Mike starts to walk up to it.

"STOP!" Y/N yelled at him. Sometimes she feels like she can be the most reasonable out of all her friends. A lot of times they don't make good decisions. Recently one has done something she really didn't like. But she's still acting like she doesn't care. Whenever they bring it up she wants to scream. She hates it. She wishes the person who did it weren't their friends anymore.
Mike started to back away. The box opened up and a bigger box was there. It looked like Something that would be in a circus. The door opened and there stood Pennywise. Music started playing. He started doing a really weird dance. Richie was chuckling in the back. Y/N seemed very unimpressed by the clowns actions. She throws the pipe at Pennywise. The pipe hits him square in the jaw. A couple of
"Ouuoo's" were heard from the background. IT stopped dancing and hopped down from his stage. He growled.
He walks over to Y/N and grabs her by her throat. Bill and Beverly ended up spraying the clown down with pepper spray they had. Richie and eddie were beating the shit out of him with pipes. Mike was planning a escape rout with Ben.

"Watch your tongue those words are hurtful!" Pennywise taunted
Y/N as she taunted him back.
Pennywise threw her down and fell to his knees. While she watched her friends protect her she started thinking.
Why the hell did she stick with them. This is the trouble they got her into. She bets she would be at home right now watching TV. But in another way she's happy. Bill gave her a new home, Eddie gave her snuggles, Stan made her laugh, Richie.. what did he do? Mike gave her comfort, Beverly gave her a best friend, and Ben gave her a jacket and poetry. Richie gave her hurt feelings, her backpack on the first day, common sense and more unimportant crap. After all they're all her friends. She needs them. They need her.


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While writing this I was listening to Stan's playlist on Spotify. His and mikes are my favorite.

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