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I lay next to the person

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I lay next to the person. They look up and see me. They sit up and start to panic.

"It's just me." I say in a whisper. They calm down.

"Jesus Y/N! You scared me." Zack whispered back. Oh. I thought.. never mind that.

"Why are you on the couch?" I ask sitting next to him. He sighed.

"Me and Sharon got in a fight. I just wanted a good nights sleep is all." He sighed. I nod. People fight. Although a lot of times they don't make up, the fight can solve some things. See who the person really is, or see that you guys really weren't supposed to be friends.

"I see. I don't wanna budge into personal information." I smiled. He looks over to me.

"Thanks." He chuckled.
"Why are you up so early?"

"I woke up and Beverly wasn't there. I needed someone to.. i don't know. Sleep with. That doesn't sound right." I giggle. He chuckled as well.

"Okay Y/N. Well you can sleep with me if you want." He offered. I nod.

"Thank you Zack. Ever since the whole lab thing Ive been on edge. I really appreciate it." I smiled and laid down into his lap. Don't be perverted. He's like a dad to me. He puts a blanket around me and a pillow underneath my head.

"You're welcome. Goodnight Y/N." He spoke softly. Soon my eyes closed again.

"Goodnight Zack." I mumble out before falling into a deep sleep.

Richie's pov.

Why does Y/N keep fucking punching me! What the hell! She fucking gave me a bloody nose! Ugh.

Bill's pov

I woke up this morning with Eddie snuggling me. WHY! I punch Eddie in the nuts and get off of my bed. He squealed in pain.

"Why Bill!" Eddie whined.

"You were t-touching my
pe-p-penis." I say walking out of my door. There I see Y/N and my dad laying together. She's so cute. Whatever. I need FOOD!
(Why is this me?)
I grab some cereal and pour it into a bowl. Next comes MILK! He needs some MILK! I chuckle to myself. I grab a spoon and walk into the kitchen. While in the middle of eating Eddie comes out and flips my bowl over onto me. Now there is milk and cereal all over me.

"Eddie y-you cunt b-ba-bag!" I yell not remembering my dad was in the living room. His and Y/N's head both pop up.

"Bill! You better apolo- what the hell happened to you!" My dad asked trying not to laugh.

"Eddie!" I yell. My dad and Y/N start laughing really laugh. I chuckle along with Eddie a little.
"Get back he-here Eddie!" I yell and chase him out of the house. Y/N was laughing so hard she was crying. I haven't seen her like that in a while. I miss the side of her. I really do. I miss her being around. I run out of the house and see Eddie about to knock again. I lick my whole hand and wipe it all over eddies face. Eddie whined a lot.

"Holy fuck Bill! That has so many germs! I need a sink! My fanny pack is in your room!" Eddie squealed. Me and Y/N start laughing again.  My dad was laughing hard to.

"Okay Eddie. Ju-j-just a
min-minute." I stutter like usual and close the door.
Y/N opens the door again and pulls Eddie inside.
Eddie hugs Y/N for dear life.

"I NEED A SINK!" Eddie squealed. He ran to the bathroom and cleaned his face and had.

"That was a little over dramatic Eddie." Y/N giggles. I see Eddie walk out of my bathroom with Mike. Why was mike in- forget it.

"Sorry. I slept in your bath-"
Mike started.

"No, no. It's fi-Fine." I say interrupting him. Y/N was still in her clothes from yesterday. Beverly got up and left last night. She said she was-

"Bill you okay?" Y/N asked interrupting my thought. I nod.

"Can we go and get breakfast? Just me and you." Y/N asked. Her cheeks went pink.
"I mean we never did have that date. Ya know." She giggled out of nervousness. I nod. She looks so dumb right now. It's kinda funny.

"Let's go." I chuckle and take her hand. Eddie and mike groaned.


Me and bill sit down and a table. We had to run back into the house a couple minutes after we left. Bill didn't have any money and neither did I. We order and Bill looks at me weird. I tilt my head.

"Is there something on my face?" I ask. He shakes his head. I put up the okay sign and sigh.

"You ok-okay?" He asked. I nod.

"Why wouldn't I be?" I ask. He thinks for a moment.
I'm not sure what's going through his head right now.

"You just s-see-seem off lately." He shrugs.
He knows what's going on right now. Why would he even ask that question.

"Bill, you know what's going on right now. I'm fine right now." I answer.
He nods. Our drinks and breakfast comes into view.
We eat in silence. Bill kinda looked awkward.

"Okay. What did I do Bill." I ask. He shrugs.

"Nothing. You di-didn't  do
Any-anything. I just h-have something on my mind no-nothing important." He continued eating. Something was obviously bothering him. Something important.

"Bill...." I encouraged him to talk.
He slouched down in his seat.

"My Mom ne-never came out of her ro-r-room. My dad w-was on the couch. Wh-w-what happened?" He asked. Zack told him and her got into a fight. Did he want me to tell Bill. Was a big fight. He told me it wasn't big. Do I still tell Bill.

"Well um.... i don't know if your dad wanted me to tell you. Why not talk him." I suggest.
He groaned.

"Ok." He whispered.

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