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Henry Bowers Scenarios *discontinued* by zombielover8469
Henry Bowers Scenarios *discontinu...by zombielover8469
No one but Henry Bowers! This troubled boy needs more love!!
  • ít
  • pennywise
  • henry
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My Little Psycho (Patrick Hockstetter) by PatricksPsychoxo
My Little Psycho (Patrick Hockstet...by PatricksPsycho
Reina Jacobs is the school's good girl, but all that changes when she catches the eye of certain member from the Bowers gang. (damn that summary was shit but it will h...
  • henrybowers
  • ben
  • bill
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Future Girl //// Eddie Kaspbrak by musicmags
Future Girl //// Eddie Kaspbrakby musicmags
He's from a movie, a movie that she knows. What will happen if she somehow finds herself in the movie? This is a x reader. Warning ⚠️: mature language
  • sophialilis
  • wyattolef
  • fluff
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Battle For Love - Eddie Kaspbrak X Reader by TheOmegaWolfL3
Battle For Love - Eddie Kaspbrak X...by XRay
"Are these birth control pills?" "Yeah and I'm saving them for your sister." Your the twin of Richie Tozier- Y/n Tozier, yet your a bit more cuter t...
  • loversclub
  • tozier
  • lover
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Jack grazer oneshots by musicmags
Jack grazer oneshotsby musicmags
This is a jack grazer/ Eddie kaspbrak/ Alex Riley / Freddy Freeman oneshots book, basically, any of jack's character!!! [going to do my best with Freddy since Shazam has...
  • finnwolfhard
  • jaedenlieberher
  • oneshots
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"It" Images by justalonelynerd
"It" Imagesby justalonelynerd
"The horror thriller "IT", directed by Andrés Muschietti, is based on the hugely popular Stephen King novel of the same name, which has been terrifying re...
  • eddie
  • images
  • clowns
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The Barricade Girl (A Les Miserables FanFiction) by the_daydreamer
The Barricade Girl (A Les Miserabl...by the_daydreamer
Juliette Pontmercy and her older brother, Marius, have always been close - they had no secrets...or at least that's what she thought. When he suddenly becomes distant...
  • gavroche
  • marius
  • enjolras
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we're just LOVERS ||REDDIE|| by gangsta_61
we're just LOVERS ||REDDIE||by Lollina 02
Storia sulla Reddie (Richie + Eddie) dal film IT❤️ questa ship mi sta mandando fuori di testa. Aiuto.
  • jack
  • fack
  • loser
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The losers club/Bowers gang smut imagines by 1-800-sendnudesdaddy
The losers club/Bowers gang smut i...by All the love xx
What the title says ^ some from tumblr
  • victor
  • beverly
  • pennywise
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mixtape / reddie by tatelandgon
mixtape / reddieby tyler
"The music makes me feel alive, Eds. So do you."
  • fanfiction
  • billdenbrough
  • stanuris
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IT x Reader One shots + Imagines by Almond_Butter
IT x Reader One shots + Imaginesby •Almond Butter•
Losers Club x Reader one shots + Imagines. This is my first time writing, so I'm sorry if it's cringe af!
  • kaspbrak
  • tozier
  • denbrough
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Ice Age: The Middle by serpent_queen18
Ice Age: The Middleby serpent_queen18
Yeah I still suck at descriptions but enjoy nonetheless { Ice Age: The Meltdown } { Diego x OC } { Book 2 out of ??? } { First Book - Ice Age: The Beginning } Book Cove...
  • ellie
  • completed
  • diegoxoc
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Immortality unwished for (not your ordinary twilight story) by DUSKxTOxDAWN
Immortality unwished for (not your...by Kat-chan
Ella is bella swans cousin. They where inseparable until a family disagreement. She's back in forks when her mom, dad, and sister have been murdered. She has a few supri...
  • car
  • james
  • edward
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Satsuriku No Tenshi || Zack X Reader One-Shots [O.H] by Lonely_Irene12
Satsuriku No Tenshi || Zack X Read...by ⓘⓡⓔⓝⓔ
{X} Taking Request {√} On Hold {} Closed Hello fellow reader and welcome to Angel of Death/Satsuriku No Tenshi book, where you all can request Zack X Reader One-Shot h...
  • ray
  • angelofdeath
  • anime
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Wanted// Reddie smut oneshots by imreddieboi
Wanted// Reddie smut oneshotsby Trash
  • reddie
  • smuttyfanfic
  • smutwarning
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Twdg Male Characters x Readers  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Male Characters x Readers by ♡
A few Twdg characters x readers one-shots :) 💕 [No More Requests/Closed For Now, Until I Decide To Take Them Again]
  • kenny
  • troy
  • twdg
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25 Random Facts About Jack Dylan Grazer | ✔️ by _ShippersFanfics_
25 Random Facts About Jack Dylan G...by ✔️ A Loser ✔️
Book 3 in the "25 Random Facts About..." series
  • pennywise
  • facts
  • eddie
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blue knees | Eddie Brock/Venom by geebeebo19
blue knees | Eddie Brock/Venomby =м=
How does one describe Nico Wilson? She's.. "Well.. I'm bisexual." Nico shrugged. "Oh cool-" Eddie starts but was cut off by a certain symbiote. &quo...
  • deadpool
  • bucky
  • mçu
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Stranger Things/IT Preferences and Imagines  by shxnnxn__
Stranger Things/IT Preferences and...by Shannon
Mostly IT preferences
  • noahschnapp
  • preferences
  • gaten
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━It One Shots  by -Vodkaholic
━It One Shots by ━ 𝕬𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖆
One shoots sobre el cast y personajes de it, espero que lo disfrutes. No te olvides de votar y comentar. Gracias por leerme.
  • choosen
  • jackgrazer
  • eddie
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