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1/5 endings.

"Anyways. Let's play truth or dare now." Ben said. We all nod and look around.

"I'll go first." Richie yelled.
"Ben! I dare you to kiss Beverly!"

"Richie, that's not how you play." I state he shrugs and looks back at Ben. Ben and Beverly Don't Even hesitate. They lean right in an kiss each other.

"Okay. Bill, truth or dare?" Ben asked.

"Truth." Bill shrugged.
Ben sat there and thought for a minute.

"What was your first impression of Y/N?"

"I thought she was to-t-tough and w-weird. Thought that h-her and Richie wou-wo-w-would fight a lot. I'm n-not to sure. I hon-honestly didn't want h-her in the l-lo-losers club at first." Bill explained. I was shocked. Well then. I wonder what everyone else felt. Also the Richie thing. It's kinda true. We fight a lot.

"Y/N, Truth or dare."
Bill asked.

"Dare!" I shout. They all looked at each other and back to me.

"I dare you to kiss Stan!" Beverly blurred out. Bill looked shocked at Beverly. Everyone else flared at Beverly too. My face my burning and my heart was racing. I can't say no to a dare. I stand up and walk over to Stan. I get close to him and kiss him straight on. Jeez. Okay it's been a while. My stomach felt like it exploded. We pull away and everyone groaned.

"I like Stan!" I shout out. Everyone gasps and looks To me. They all had wide eyes and some had worried faces. I stand up and hold up my index finger.
"I'm gonna.... go now." I say and walk over to my bike. A hand placed itself on mine. I look up and see Stan looking down at me.

"Hey um.." I try to speak but I couldn't come up with the right words. I just-

"It's okay Y/N. You already knew I liked you. What are you afraid of?" Stan chuckled.

"I- I'm not sure." I confess. Stan smiled and held my hand.

"How about this. You, go in a date with me. Well if you want to." Stan suggested.
"And if you wanna.. Continue this thing or whatever. I would be totally in on it."

"Okay slick. Where we going?" I ask. Stan looked around and had a confused face.

"How about we go to get some ice cream?" Stan beamed. I nod with a big smile. There's no way I could say no. I love ice cream.  
We start to walk and Stan makes conversation.

"You ready to get your cast off today?" He asked. I nod and skip a little.

"Yeah, today seems to be going well." I laughed. Stan nodded.

"Yup."  We walk into ice cream parlor and get some ice cream of choice.

"This is amazing." I laugh. Stan had a giant smile. I think he agreed with me.

"I have a special thing to do after this." Stan says while licking his ice cream.

"Ohhh! Where we going?" I ask.

"Roller skating." He chuckled. ROLLER SKATING. I haven't been skating in YEARS. Fun.

We leave the parlor and start to walk to the skating rink. We walk in and pay for the shoes. We roll onto the glossy hardwood floor. I was holding onto the wall and Stan was skating right beside me.

After a couple minutes I finally got the idea of the whole thing. Every time I fell Stan tried not the laugh. Yet again I fell straight on my ass.

"Shit." I groan. Stan starts cracking up.
"Stan it's not funny." I whine while also trying not to laugh.
He helps me up and held my hand. We start to skate hand in hand.

"Thanks got coming with me." Stan smiled.

"Yeah. Not like I could say no anyways. Who could." I beamed. Stan chuckled and we continued to skate.

      After a while Stan heard my stomach grumbling. He winked at me and pulled me out of the rink. We got off our shoes and changes into our regular ones. Stan motions his head to point over to the food court in the skating area. I nod and we go to order.
We do as your supposed to and sit at a table with our food.

"How is it?" Stan asked. I give him a confused look.
"How's your food?"

"Oh! It's good. Thanks." I smile and continued to eat.

"What do you think the others think?" He questioned. I think to myself for a minute then look back at him.

"They're probably happy for you but upset for them self. I don't feel like they're gonna ruin for us though." I explain my own though. Stan nods and takes a sip from his drink.

"Okay. We should go and hang with them." Stan suggested. I nod and we throw away the scraps of our food.

We walk into Bill's house where we told everyone to meet up.

"Hey Stan." Beverly waved to both of us. Stan and me smiled. He grabbed me hand and we went to play some of Bill's video games.

"YOU SUCK!" Stan yelled at me. I rolled my eyes and pushed his kart over the track.
"Dammit!" She scoffed. Then Eddie came zooming in front of me.

"Eddie!" I whine. He chuckled and passed the finish line in front of me.
" I hate you." I scoff. Eddie went a little to far from his victory. He started dancing around and singing. Stan and me were cracking up.

"Hey, want me to walk you home?" Stan asked. I nod and we both stand up. He grabs my hand and intertwined our fingers. We wave bye to the others and exit Bill's house.

"Have a good time?" Stan smiled.

"Yeah. Actually I did." I giggled.
Stan chuckled and gave my hand a squeeze.

"Here's your stop." He beamed as we stopped at my doorstep. A part of me wanted to kiss him but, another part of me wanted to wait. Without thinking I start to lean in and so does Stan. Our lips smash together. MY STOMACH JUST EXPLODED AGAIN.

"Have a good night Y/N. Get some rest." Stan chuckled and let go of me. He starts to walk away.

"Goodnight Uris." I beam and open my door. We wave to each other then I walk inside. I close the front door and smiled to myself.

"Have a good day Y/N?" My Mom asked me like she already knew. I nod and jog to my room. I close my door and jump back onto my bed.

I wish every day was like this. With Stan and everyone. Especially Stan though. I had a really good time actually. Usually I say I did but I didn't.

•Stanly Uris•

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