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I walk back to Bill's house with the rest of our crew. We are going to his house to discuss IT.

"So umm. IT? What exactly is IT?" Mike asked sitting in a chair next to me.

"Well we don't exactly know. We only really know it's a clown and can change into different things." I explain. Everyone turns to me and Ben gets out a backpack.

"I've been doing research lately. I found out some stuff." Ben said and pulled out some books.


Y/N and the rest of their group swarm around Ben and look through the books and notes he's gathered. They seemed pretty interesting.
Things kinda made sense but not all of it did.

"So, is that him or not?" Beverly asked pointing to a kid dead in a tree.

"That's what I was thinking." Y/N added on to Beverly's comment.

"I- it doesn't really explain." Ben shrugged.

"So... I- what are we gonna do now?" Y/N whispered to Richie walking over to His side. Richie shrugged and looked at the maps.

"Didn't Georgie get token by a sewer?" Richie asked concentrating on the map. Y/N nods.
"Didn't we see him mostly by the sewers?" Richie pointed out. Y/N nods again as realization comes upon them.
"SEWERS!!" Y/N and Richie scream in sync.

"Sewers?" Beverly asked confused as hell.

"Sewers! That's where IT lives!!l Y/N and Richie yelled in sync again. The others couldn't really understand what you were saying. Y/N and Richie jog over to the map and start pointing in areas.

"All the areas we've seen him in have been by the sewers!"
Y/N yelled flicking her hand up and hitting Richie in the face on accident.
Richie's glasses flew off and his the floor with a crack. Y/N jogs over and picks the glasses up to see they were fine. She turns around to come face to face with Richie only inches apart.

"Richie?" Y/N giggled and backed away a little.

"Sorry." Richie shrugged.
Y/N puts on Richie's glasses as the others start freaking out over the sewer things.

"You're beautiful Y/N." Richie smiled at Y/N's blushing face. Her heart sank the same way it did when Bill told her the same thing.

"Th-thank you." Y/N stuttered from nervousness. Richie laughed and held Y/N's hand. He squeezed her hand then let go and walked to the rest of the group. Y/N stood there like a statue not processing what just happen.

"Y/N, Bill! Dinner!" Bill's mom shouted. Y/N snaps out of her trance as Bill poked her arm. She turned to the others and waved them goodbye as her and Bill walked into the kitchen to eat their dinner.
Y/N say next to Bill and Bill sat next to his father. Bill's mom sat next to you and you all ate your dinner.

Your POV

As we eat this amazing dinner Bill kept eyeing me. I don't know what his problem is but I'll talk to him after dinner.

"Thank you Mrs. Denbrough." I thank and put my dishes in the sink. Bill does the same and walks up to his room.
"May I go talk with him?" I ask. They both glanced at each other than back to me.

"Yeah. Bill might be in one of his moods but you're welcome to help him." Bill's mom agreed. I smile and walk to his room. I knock on the door three times.

"Wh-what?" He asked annoyed.

"Bill. I just wanna talk." I point out. I knew he wasn't gonna open the door. I rolled my eyes and twisted the handle. There sat Bill on his bed with blood shot eyes.
"You okay?" I ask walking over to him.

"No!" Bill shouts and stand up walking away from me.
"Wh-what if you ch-choose Richie over me! Wh-what if that... Clown gets y-you! I can't ha-handle all th-this tension b-between me and you an-anymore Y-Y/N!" Tension!? What the hell is he talking about!

"Bill what the fuck are you talking about!" I yelled at him.

"language!" Bill's dad yelled up at me. I scoff.

"I lo-love you right? And y-you kinda... got w-weird after
kn-knowing this. I f-feel like you, like a-all of us l-less then b-before." Bill explained as he messed with his hair a little.
I get what he means. I don't like them less I just feel uncomfortable sometimes.

"Bill." I sigh.
"I don't hate you all. Especially you! You're letting me stay at your house for gods sake! All you and the others do is make me laugh, and protect me from shit I didn't even know exists. And I love you all for it. It just makes me uncomfortable sometimes because I know you all love me in a different way. And this clown. It's going, excuse my French, fucking down back to hell." I tell explaining to him the way I felt. He stood there shocked for a moment then walked back up to me.

"Y/N. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare nor hurt you. I just felt like you wanted to part from us. The losers club is different with you.
You make it fun and special. And not the way Beverly did when she joined. It was a different feeling. You made this group greater than it ever has been!" Bill smiled hugging me.

"It's okay Bill. I understand. We all feel unliked at one point. I know the feeling more than anyone." I say putting my hands around Bill.

He pulls away and smiled at me. He then leaned in and pecked me on the lips. SSHDBFJDKS!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!

"Bill!" I yelled at him. He covers his mouth and his eyes go wide.

"Y-Y/N! I'm so s-sorry! I don't
kn-know wh-what came o-over me!" Bill mumbled.
I start to run off to my room and slam my door shut.

"You okay?" Bill's dad asked from behind the door.

"Yup! I'm fine!" I yelled back putting a giggle in the middle to sound real.

"Okay. Sharon went to work. She'll be back later tonight." Zack informed me.

"K." I responded back. I heard him walk away and I burry my head in my pillow. God dammit! Why the hell do these things happen. Before I knew it I fell asleep and didn't wanna wake

thanks for reading friends🙃

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