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Bill's pov.

Today I found out Y/N's Okay. Sort of. She pretty much died and came back to life. She's in a pretty serious coma. If she doesn't wake up in the next month she's surely going to die. I don't even know. I know she'll wake up. I know it. There's no way she won't. And even if she doesn't, she'll still be alive. Y/N's to tough for this. She's strong. If that clown couldn't kill her this car surely can't. And it won't. They say Y/N did something horrible before she died. They say she killed her dad. I believe she did. It would make a lot of sense. That mans crazy. They say they found his body in her fort outside. There was a gun that had her fingerprints on It. Even my parents say they saw her run into the house with blood all over her. Soon later they searched her room and found the bloody clothes. I can't believe it. I knew she hates him. I didn't think she would actually kill him though.

3 months later.

Eddies pov.

We got a letter in the mail today about
Y/N. She's dead. Gone. No longer in this world. Of course I broke down crying. Like she always said to me I'm a little bitch. I ran to Bill's house and basically broke down his door. He was playing Zelda.

"Bill!" I scream out. He turns to me with a pretty shocked face. He saw the tears. He looked to my hand. He walked over to me and reads the letter.

"NO! ITS NOT TRUE!" Bill screamed at me. He threw down the letter and ran out of his house. He gets onto his bike and peddled off somewhere. I can't do this right now. I'm to shocked. I can't handle this right now.

Bill's POV

I run into the hospital tears steaming down my face.

"Y/N l/N. She's n-not dead right?" I ask. The woman checks her computer.

"I'm sorry sir. I'm afraid she died last night." She gave me a sympathetic look.

"No!" I yell out again.
"I-I wanna see her!"
The woman only shakes her head.

"I'm sorry honey." The woman apologizes
"I'm afraid I can't let you see her."
Bullshit! I run out and get onto my bike. And peddle to mikes barn.

"Y/N's DEAD!" I shout to him. His face turned. He looked sick.

"She can't be!" He shouts.

"My exact words." I shake my head.
"G-get your b-bike." I order. He does so and gets onto it. We peddle away to Beverly's house. We knock on the door and she opens with tear filled eyes.

"Why!" She shouted out and fell into my arms. I brushed through her hair. Ben came in and she hugged Ben instead.

I peddle off. Something is wrong. She can't be dead. She can't be. It's to sudden. The lady at the desks face told a different story.
If the woman was telling the truth than I know a certain someone who can check out the body. I arrive at one of my old friend, Mark's house. We use to hang out a lot. He use to go to my school.
I knock on his door and await for him to answer.

"Bill?" He asked. I nod.

"Your mom. I-I need h-her help." I say. Soon him and his mom were taking me to her work. She was one of those people that check out bodies after they die. She leaves me and Mark in the car while she goes to check it out.

"So Bill. How you been?" Mark asked making conversation.

"Okay I g-guess. My friend
k-kinda died. I'm n-not sure yet, we j-just killed a cl-clown. Not really. My fr-friend who they s-say died, killed her d-dad, and I haven't t-talked to Richie or Stan in the last 2 m-months." I vent. He looked rather shocked.

"Hmm. Well then." He says turning back around.

"How have you been." I ask.

"Good. My mom recently got remarried. My dads in jail for hitting a girl in the road. Oh fun fact, my mom was cheating on my dad. That's why she's already remarried." He continued but I really wasn't listening. So his dad is in jail for hitting a girl. What if this girl was Y/N. Was it Mark's dads fault that Y/N is dead. If so I'm gonna go kill that fucker in jail.
Hours of pointless conversation finally ended. Mark's mom came back with results. But why did she look weird.

"She's not dead. That "person" they have in there isn't even real. It's a replica." She says buckling up in her seat.

"So she's a-a-alive." I ask. She nods and starts the car. Mark's face turned red. Did he have something to do with this. I swear.

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