i'm gonna crack

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I get home and throw my bike down on the lawn I stomp into my house and see my mom on the couch flicking through channels.

"Why did dad have to go!" I yell at her.

"Because he was sick, Y/N. there wasn't anything we could do!" She yelled back.

"Yes there was! You just didn't try!"

"Y/N. go to your room." My mom ordered.

"No. I'm not listening to you anymore! You're just a stuck up bitch who thinks she rules everything! I'm losing my only friends because of you!" I screamed at her. My words seemed to phase her. She walk up to me and slaps me in the face.

"Don't talk like that to me." Is all she said before waking away to her room. I'm glad she's gone. I grab my coat and leave the house again. I get onto my metal bike and start to peddle to Bill's house. I get to his door and knock kinda quietly. A lady answers with a really confused face.

"Y/N?" Bill's mom answered confused.

"I need to talk with Bill." I sigh. She opened the door and I run to his room. I knock on the door hearing him talking with another.

"H-hey?" He answered. I tightly hug him with no reply. He hugs back a little confused. My warm salty tears fall onto his blue and white shirt. He rubs my back in reassurance.

"My-my mom." Is all I managed to say. He pulls me into his room. I guess him and Eddie were talking because Eddie was there.

"Is she okay?" Eddie asked concerned.

"I-I think so." Bill shrugged. I go over and sit next to Eddie on Bill's bed. I lay my head down on Eddie's lap and cry a little more.
Eddie sat there mentally fighting with bill.

"What do I do!" He whisper yelled to Bill.

"I don't kn-know!" Bill whispers back.
"Br-brush Through her ha-hair with your hands or someth-thing." Bill whispers again. Eddie started brushing through my hair slowly. Even though I was in his lap I could hear his heart beating fast. I start to giggle.

"You guys are funny." I giggle more.

Eddie gives me a weird look and then gives the same look to Bill.

"Love you guys. Ya losers." I beamed and took them both in for a group hug.


I woke up this morning cuddling Eddie. Why? I don't know. I probably just did it in my sleep. I decided that last night I would stay over at Bill's place since my mom was pissed at me. I go to get up but Eddie pulls me back down.

"Just snuggle a little longer." Eddie whined. I giggle and snuggle back up to him. Woah. Bitch! Missing school again! I looked at eddies watch and saw it was 7:23 am.

"We have school!" I yelled and got up.

"Shittt!" Bill yelled. I was starting to panic!

"I don't have clothes." I started blankly.

"Oh! Umm here." Bill said opening his closet. I look inside and look at his clothes. They literally look like they would fit me. I found an out fit I would wear⬇️⬇️⬇️

"Okay! Let's go!" I yelled as the boys rushed out from eddies house

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"Okay! Let's go!" I yelled as the boys rushed out from eddies house. They hop on their bikes and we peddle off to school. We rush into the office and explain why we're late. The lady nods and sighed us in. We rush to our class passing our lockers and make it to class minutes later.

"You're late." Richie announced like it wasn't already obvious. I sit down in my usual seat next to this girl Amanda. We never talk. She seems kinda odd. She turns around and eyes me up and down.

"Stop hanging out with Bill." She demands. I flip her off and lean back in my chair.

"Sorry stereotypical middle schooler, not gonna happen." I answered back. She rolled her eyes and went back to work. She's a
• B I T C H™• already

•after school•-

I walk outside to be greeted by Henry. I roll my eyes and toss him my bag. I sit down hopelessly and sigh.

"Take what you want. Kill me while you're at it to." I say with a blank suggestion. He throws me back My bag and walks away. Damn. I get up and see my friends all looking at me.

"Wh-what was tha-that?" Bill asked shocked matching everyone else's expressions. I shrug and stand up walking to my bike

"This bitch wants to fight me. Her names Amanda and she wants me to stay away from Bill." I inform with a giggle at the end.
"I'll give you your clothes back tomorrow Billy boi." I laugh and peddle away to my hideout. I made it with my older brother a while ago.

(It's like will's fort in stranger things)

I get to the fort and throw my bag down. I know my mom has work today. I'll just go home and stay in my room. I already have a built in bathroom in my room and I can just grab some snacks.

I get on my bike and start to peddle home. Just before I turned onto my street I saw a clown standing in the middle of the road. I turned around and started peddling that way. A ballon stood in front of me. Or should I say floated In front on me. It popped and the clown was in front of me. I tried screaming but it grabbed my by the throat. I kicked it and it dropped me. I got back on my bike and began to peddle away again. I get to my house and run to my room leaving my bike in the driveway. I sit in my room hugging my knees. What he hell Is happening! That clown was STRONG. and his teeth were sharper than blades. I go and grab my new walkie talkie the losers gave me. I press down the button and talk into it with a shaky voice.


"Y/N!? What's going on?" Richie asked fixing his glasses a bit.

"There was this.... clown. And this ballon and-"mi started but soon got interrupted by Bill.

"Y/N. I think we ne-need to cat-catch up at my ho-house." Bill interrupted me.

"Okay." We all said. That's when I heard the house door slam. I ran to my closet and packet some clothes. Just because if something happens.

I get Bill's clothes off and put on a white crop top on and overalls over the shirt. I slip on my shoes and exit out of my house window. My rooms on the ground floor. I hop back on my bike and peddle to Bill's house. I get there and see everyone but Beverly and Ben. I put my bike against Bill's fence and sit down next to Eddie and Mike.

"So. IT. " mike asked a little awkwardly.

"It came after me. This clown. It tried to... eat me. If that makes sense." I added.

"I- did it show anything else to you?" Eddie asked sucking his inhalers air.

"No. It was just a clown..." I informed.

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