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I have no excuse on why this is late. Enjoy.

Ending 4/5

Finally after everyone finally left I was by myself again

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Finally after everyone finally left I was by myself again. I'm just gonna relax and sleep. That sounds amazing. I lay down on my bed and close my eyes. Goodnight world.

I woke up and rubbed my eyes. My walkie talkie was going off.

"Anyone up for breakfast?" Mike asked. By the sounds my stomach was making I was. I grab my walkie talkie and press down the button.

"Yes. I am!" I say into it. Mike laughed and said, "Okay." I got out of my bed and went over to my closet to get dressed.

My mom comes into my room with a waffle

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My mom comes into my room with a waffle.

"I made some breakfast." She informed me. I smiled and walked over to her while slipping on my shoes.

"I'm going out for breakfast. Sorry Mom." I say and start to jog out of my room and out of the house. I could tell my mom was looking at me confused. I didn't care.

I walk into the place we said we were gonna meet up at and grab a seat. Not soon later I see mike walk in. He was looking around for me. I wave him over and see his smile grow bigger each step he takes.

"Hello Y/N." He greets me. I smiled and looked at the water on the table.

"Hey Mike. How's your day been." I ask, while laughing in progress. Talking like adults make me laugh sometimes.

"Very fine, how about yours?" He asked with a fancy tone. I giggle and respond.

"Swell. Thanks for asking." We look over and see people looking at us. I cough and lean on the table.
"Well then." I whisper to Mike. He nods and a waiter comes over.

"What can I get you two this morning?" She asked. I order what I normally get and so does mike.

"Anyways, happy to have the cast off later?" He asked. I nod and look around the place once more.

After talking for a little bit our food finally comes out.

"Thanks." I smiled to the woman. She nods and leaves us to eat.

"Amazing as always." I Say talking about the food. Mike nods in agreement.

"I trade my milk in here." He said while drinking some milk of his. Goat milk. I'm good for now.

After we finished mike asked if I wanted to go to the arcade. I happily agreed and took the rest of my money for coins.

We walk into the arcade and see more people and games then usual. The guy at the front desk looked exhausted.

"Coins please." I say to the man handing him my money. He gives me back more coins then I should have gotten. Yes! 
Me and mike started jogging to dance dance revolution.

"I don't think your ready for this." Mike laughed and put in coins. I shake my head and lean on the bar behind me. He picks the song;
P.Y.T by Micheal Jackson.
The song was pretty hard to dance to. Or maybe it was just the moves on the screen. By the end I was tired and needed a soda. Mike winked at me and handed me some left over money.

"Go buy a water or something." He laughed as I walked away. As I'm buying some water I see richie wall over to Mike. They end up walking away and playing games by themselves. I thought why not go and hang out with them still. I Finish my drink and walk over to them.

"Hey guys." I say with my drink in my hand. My coins were sitting in my jean pocket.

"Oh! Come over to this one." Richie dragged Mike along with him. I was stuck my myself. I walk over to them again and see Richie looking annoyed at me.

"Hey, I came here with Mike, he was my friend here first." I explained. Richie nodded sarcastically and continued to play against Mike. I scoff and walk away to enjoy my own games. I don't need them anyways. I start to Play some pinball. I always liked pinball. I may not be the best but, it entertains me. Richie and Mike come over to the pinball machines and look at me. It's like they didn't even know who I was. Especially Richie. I don't know why he's acting this way. It's so unlike him.

"I'm done now. Go ahead." I roll my eyes and walk away to let them play. I sat down at one of the tables in the food court area and watched the time disappear.

"Hey Y/N." Mike says and sits down at the table. It's been about 1 hour since I sat down. One of the girls came from school and talked with me for a minute. I had ran out of coins playing pinball.

"Hey." I respond and slump down in my chair.
"So, How was your time with Richie?" I ask sounding like I really didn't care.
Mike sighed and reached over the table.

"I'm sorry Y/N, I got distracted, you know you mean more to me than Richie." Mike said. Shock washed over me.

"Why- why would you say that?" I ask.

"I don't know. I just feel, you already know how I feel about you. I just.. I'm not sure." Mike confessed. I nod and tap his hand.

"Well, Thanks. You're probably my favorite out of the group anyways." I giggle and stand up.
"Let's go walk around." I suggested. Mike nodded and there we went.

It was around 5:30 pm now. We walked around for a bit. Me and Mike had a great time. Lots of memories in this place. Not counting the bad ones. We walk into the park and see younger kids on the swings. We climb the play structure and sit on top of the monkey bars. Mike put him arm around me and pulls out a sucker. I happily take it from him. I unwrapped it and put it in my mouth.

"Thanks." I giggle and rest my head on his shoulder. He leans over and kissed my forehead. Immediately blush and grab his shirt. I pull my head up and look into his mesmerizing chocolate brown eyes. I find a Even darker blush come upon my head when I realize what I'm about to do. Mike leans in as well as me. Finally our lips meet. Best. Day. Ever.

•Mike Hanlon•

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