their dream

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CAN I just say, THANK YOU GUYS, for reading this book/fanfic. We're so close to 300 reads. When I upload this we will get to 300. Again, THANK YOU A LOTTE.  I know my book kinda sucks in places but it's whatever. Have a cool day my dudes.


We walk into school and meet up with the rest of the crew.

"I saw IT in my dream last night." Stan said.

"I only saw a duck." Ben chuckled.

"I didn't." Beverly added in.

"I s-saw h-him too!" Bill replied.

"Yeah! He seemed so real."
Mike chipped in.

"He visited me as well."
Eddie started to have a asthma attack again.

"Fine. I guess I did to." Richie whined. I guess he just wanted to look and/or sound strong.

"I didn't." I pitched in confused.
"What did you all see?"

"I saw him in Bill's house. He was by Y/N's new room. His teeth sharper than anything I've ever seen." Mike started.

"Yeah! And his fingers were like knifes. His eyes a tint of orange. He slowly opened Y/N's door and there she was laying on the bed." Stan added.

"There Y/N laid in a lavender pajama top. Her hair laid out in front of her face. He walked in the room as we followed like a camera directing a film." Richie sounded like a professional, writing a novel.

"Then her eyes shot open. Her eyes a blood red. Tears stream down her  (s/c) face.
Pennywise takes her into his arms and drops her into to air. But she floats." Eddie scarcely tells us.

"Th-Then his s-squeaky voice filled the cold air. Y-You'll float to! He said. Y/N's b-body drops to the fl-floor. Blood rushes o-out of her head as she scr-screamed for he-help." Bill shivers.

"The blood floats up and disappeared. IT takes Y/N in his arms and whispers something to her. Soon enough they're both gone." Richie adds in again.

The bell rings and I fall over from shock and dizziness.

"Y/N? You okay?" Eddie asked.

"Y-Yeah. I'm fine. Thanks." I smile standing up. We all walk to class while I dust off the dirt on a wet wipe Eddie had. We get into class and I sit down behind Amanda again. She gives me a dirty look and I giggle.

"Oh Bill! When will you finally acknowledge I really exists." I mock her.

"Sorry. I thought Beverly was the slut. Guess the real one is you." She pointed to me.

"How do you even know what a slut is? Aren't you failing like, every class?" I say referring to the chat she had with her teacher yesterday.

"GIRLS! This is class not recess." Our teacher yelled getting our attention.

Blah. Blah. Blah. That's all that you really need to know about class time. It's all stupid. No one really cared.
Now it's lunch. I know. Long time no see.

Our group walks out to the table underneath the tree we sit at.

"So you all had the same dream?" I ask just to make sure.

"Yup. Shocking." Richie affirmed picking at his food.

"Yeah. Especially that only the people that like you had the dream." Beverly giggled and took a bite out of a sandwich.

"That's odd to." I nod my head.

"What happens if he really comes for Y/N tonight?" Stan asked.

"We protect her at all costs." Richie ordered.

"Right. B-But wh-what if we don't s-see IT com-coming?" Bill pointed out.

"Well if she wakes up she'll go tell Bill." Mike shrugged.

"I can do that. Also I'll have the walkie talkie ready." I smiled and ate my food. Bill's mom packed a godly lunch.

"Li-like your lu-lunch?" Bill asked with a chuckle.

"Uh-huh." I nod taking another bite.
"Your moms a great cook." I compliment covering my mouth full of food.

"Th-thanks." Bill smiled.

"Th-Thanks!" Richie mocks.
"Thats what your sister said after I pleased her last night." Richie laughed causing Eddie to chuckle a little too.
Bill rolled his eyes and continued eating.  I giggle a little and look to Richie. I felt a tear roll down my face. Richie's eyes get wide. I wipe away the tear with my hand. I giggle and look at my hand.
Is-Is this blood? What the hell?

"Holy hell, Is that blood!?" Beverly piped up.

"Yeah! What the hell is going on!?" Stan asked walking over to me. He takes me face in his hands as more blood rolls out of my eyes.

"I-Is she ok?" Bill panicked.

"I don't know." Stan answered.
Stan wiped away my tears of blood with a napkin. My eyes start to burn and Stan starts to caress my face in comfort. I put the weight into his hand. A small smile comes across his face as he stares into my eyes.

"Okay Stan, it's not a piece of breakable glass." Eddie groaned.

"She's fine. The blood should stop." Stan informed all of us. I nod and stand up packing my lunch again. Everyone grabs their bags and we walk back inside. We still had a couple minutes to talk.

Eddie goes to take his pills and I read the name.

"Eddie those are fake pills." I inform him

"That's not true. They help me." Eddie denied taking them.

"What do they help with exactly?"
I encourage him to go on.

"Well they... they... I don't exactly know. But my mom said they're helping me." Eddie shrugs capping the bottle and putting them back.

"Whatever." I sigh.

"After school! My house." Richie ordered. We all nod.

"Y/N? Where's your necklace?" Beverly asked.

"I- its in my locker."

"Also, how is your mom okay with you living with Bill?" Mike asked.

"She doesn't care I'm pretty sure. Even if she did she's not looking." I answered. They all nod and put on a fake smile. The bell rings and I walk with Richie and Mike to class.

"You okay?" Richie asked. I look to him with sad eyes.

"No. But I'll be fine." I lied.

Richie's POV

Y/N's eyes told a different story from what she was really saying. Things like that don't get better. You're broken. Your dad died, your mom doesn't care about you, you move in with a boy who loves you, and his parents love him. You're constantly gonna be reminded how you never had that kind of love. How you won't ever have that parenting love again. I didn't even realize it but Y/N was silently crying right beside me.

"Come here." Mike tells Y/N, wrapping her in a side hug while we walk to the class. So far almost all of the group have had a moment but me. I'm gonna get my moment sooner or later.

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