is this even reality

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Eddie's pov

After our conversation about me getting the pills, I walk into the pharmacy. There was no one really here except for the old man working. The usual.

"Hey." I greet him.

"Here for your refill?" He asked.

"No-No. I actually have a question." I respond.


"What are the symptoms of, change in eye color and crying blood?" The man at the counter was Took aback for a moment.

"Well that could be Heamolacria." The man furrowed his brows.

"Is there a cure for this?"

"I'm afraid not. It should just go away. Something that can cause this is change in hormones." He explained.

"Oh. So like getting their... period or something?" I ask.

"Yes, But Eddie you can't have your period. You are a boy." The pharmacist stated.

"No. Like a girl is having this problem!"

"How old is she?"

"Can I just bring her in. Please. We don't have enough money for a real doctor." The pharmacist sighed and walked out from behind the counter.

"Where is she." I lead him outside where the rest of the club were sitting.

"Her." I say pointing to Y/N. He walks over to her and sits her down. He seems to be examining her.

Your POV.

"Have you started you period." He asked in a whisper so the other boys wouldn't hear. I still felt uncomfortable.

"Yes." I answer quickly.

"How long ago was your last one?"

"I'm not pregnant." I answer sternly.

"Yes I'm aware of this."

"Fine. It was last month. I still haven't had mine for this month yet." Still creeped out.

"Okay. So it seems that..." I couldn't hear the last words because I passed out. Oh god. I don't feel to good

Bill's pov.

Y/N's eyes went orange again and she was concentrating on Richie.

"Beep beep Richie." She taunted whith a creepy smile crossing her face.

"Y/N?" Richie asked.

"Beep beep." She taunted again.

"Y-Y/N stop!" I yelled at her. The pharmacist stared at her with confusion.

"Oh billy boy! Don't you wanna see Georgie again?" She smirked at me.

"Are you possessed!" Stan said freaking out.

"Only if you want me to be Stanly!" She flashed him. Yes. Like I mean lifted up her shirt. She had her bra on but STILL. While doing this she stuck out her tongue at him and shook a little.

"Y/N!" Mike yelled at her.
She started laughing historically and pulled her shirt down.

"Stop it you spazz!" Eddie slaps her across the face. She went back to her normal (e/c) eyes.

"Guys?" She asked groggy.

"Oh my lanta. What the hell just happened!" Beverly yelled.

"I don't exactly know. I kinda blacked out." Y/N responded. This virus is going way to fast. How are we supposed to fix this anyways. I thought this whole virus thing was some kind of joke.

"what did I say?" She asked. we all looked at each other and Stan had a smile on his face.

"Stan, you pervy little boy." Eddie smirked.

"What?" Y/N asked.

"You sorta flashed Stan." Mike confessed. It was gonna be one of us. That one of us was not gonna be me.

"Oh boy. I'm so sorry Stan!" She apologized.

"It's fine Y/N. Really." Stan smirked.

"Right. Forgot you all have crushes on me." She scolded and stood up.

"I didn't mean it like that." Stan stared blankly.

"Meet you at the house Bill. I need a break." Y/N announces walking to her bike. She got onto it and peddled home.

Your POV

For some reason I was being pulled to this street. I peddle down this  empty road. Then IT appears.

"Hello Y/N." He greeted with his squeaky voice.

"Pennywise." I greet back boldly.

"Do you wanna stop this virus?" He asked. He was holding a red ballon and walking closer to me.

"Y-Yes." I choke.

"Good. Don't you wanna float

"I'm good."
I respond.

"But Sharon and Zack don't want you there anymore. Y/N, if you come float with the others, they will treat you right. Even your dad..." she smirked. My dad?

"My dad? You have my dad!" I ask.

"Yes indeed I have your dad." He answered.

"I must see him. Please. I beg you." I begged.

"Say bye to your friends." He pointed to the losers riding up to me.

"Bye guys!" I waved to them and put my head down. I get off my bike and walk with Pennywise. We disappeared into the sewers.
We walk into that same place before and I see my dad. But IT is gone.

"Daddy!" I yell and walk to him.

"Hey there princess." He smiled and hugged me.

"Is this actually you?" I ask. He nods. I felt so normal.

"Sweet pea?" He asked.
"You need to wake up. Wake up Y/N. WAKE UP!" His eyes turned from the natural brown to a red. Tears ran down my face as he molded into this monster.

"Daddy no! Don't leave me!" I yelled out grabbing for him. I was slowly being dragged away. The only thing I could hold onto and depend on left. My dad. My life was gone. My only reason to live is gone.
I woke up sobbing in Richie's arms. We were at my house/ bill's house.
They were all freaking out. Richie was just focusing on waking me up. I shot up and hugged him the tightest I've ever hugged anyone. I sobbed into his shirt. The rest seemed to quite down a little. He held me tight as well. I felt safe. Normal.

"Richie?" I look at him.


"Thank you." I give him a weak smile.

"Yup." Then he kisses me. Just like bill did. I pull away and stand up. I felt my face heat up.

"I-I... I'm going to my room." I said and walked

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