target practice

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I jog home leaving Bill behind. I felt like I was a prey and something was hunting me DOWN. I was dying of exhaustion. I felt like one million eyes were on me. I felt needles poke into my sides. My side was cramping from the running. I felt rocks hit my back.

"GET HER!" Patrick yelled. Why was Patrick and Vic doing this. They are friends with Henry right.
Patrick tackled me. My nose smacked the ground.

"Fuck you!" I scream.

"What was that?! I couldn't hear you." Vic shouted in my face pulling out his knife. I tried to pull myself away. It was no use. Vic lifted up my shirt.
"Look at this!" Vic laughed tracing a scar. No one ever really noticed that. My dad "accidentally" cut me once. Only once though.

"Hurry! Henry might come." Patrick shouted. Vic Jammed the knife into my stomach. He made lines in a orderly fashion. I knew he was carving a specific thing. To much detain was put into it. He takes the cast on my arm and takes out a sharpie. LOSER, was writing on it in bold letters. I stand up and see Bill was watching the whole time. He did nothing. I pulled my shirt down and held it over my cuts.

"Shit this burns." I mumble to myself. I run into the house and to Zack and Sharon. They were upstairs yelling.

"HELP!" I scream at them. Tears ran down my face.

I fall to the ground. A memory clogged my thoughts.


"Momma!" I yelled out. She continued to yell at my father. I cut my knee with a stick. I had a tough fight with that stick by the way. I had million of cuts but the main one was on my knee. I don't even know what they were fighting Bout.

"STOP!" I screamed off of the top of my lungs. They both looked at me.
"My KNEE!" I shouted at them.
My mom takes me into her arms and takes me to the bathroom.

End of flashback

I was in the bathroom and Sharon was fixing me up.

"What happened?" She asked cleaning up the cuts. I finally look down and see what he wrote. Same thing he did on my cast. Wonderful. At least I get my cast off this weekend.

"Henry's friends. They did th-this." I cried out.
She continued to fix me up.

"Mom." Bill sniffed turning around the corner. He had a bloody nose and cuts all over his face and arms. Richie came in after him. Richie's glasses were broke and had a bloody nose as well. The cuts were obviously from Vic's knife. Damn him.

"Vic?" I ask with watery eyes. They both nod. Sharon hands they both wet wipes and they cleaned up the blood. She wrapped my side and helped me into bed. I thank her and she leaves to help her son. I almost forgot about my mom.

"Hey." Stan says leaning against my door. I smile and turn my head to him. I wave. He walked over and sat down on my bed. He had bruises and cuts on his arms only.

"What happened to you guys?" I ask. I already knew Vic did it. But what I didn't know is why.

"Bill was fighting him after you left or something. Richie ran out and helped him. That wasn't the best idea since there was Patrick too. I decided to come out and help them. Beverly finally came out and somehow broke up the fight." He explained. I nodded. Tough fight. Just like that damn stick.

"I got in a fight with a stick before." I giggle to him. He tilts his head and chuckled at the slightest.

"Really?" He asked. I nod.

"I was like.. 6? I'm not sure. Yeah. I fought with a stick. Sad thing is, it almost won." I laugh. Stan was laughing as well. Yes my stomach was aching from the stab wounds.

"I'm sorry about all of this Y/N. Sorry we kinda dragged you into all of this." Stan sighed. I shake my head no.

"Stan, you guys didn't drag me into anything. I chose to stand with you guys! Hell, look where we are now! I bet if I wasn't somewhat apart of this, the fricking clown would still be roaming around." I explain. Stan looks at me with a somewhat regretful and hurt look.

"Okay. Well thank you for tagging along with us Y/N. We're all glad you're here." Stan smiled and walked out of my room. Did I do something. I'm CONFUSION.

It was about an hour later. It's pretty boring just laying in here. I wanna go play Zelda.

"Bill!" I whined our for him. He came around the corner with a shocked face. This is the first time I've talked to him in a while.

"Y-Yes." He asked.

"I wanna play Zelda." I groan. He chuckled and walked over to me. He helps me out of bed and carry's me out to the couch in the living room. There sat Mike, Richie, and Eddie again.

We played legend of Zelda for a while. It was pretty cool hanging out with them again.

"Y/N!" Someone yelled. It was Zack. I turn around and see him motion for me to come over. I stand up on my own and walk over to him.

"I need help. I know your parents fought a lot right?" He asked. I nod and rub my arm in embarrassment.
"I need help with Sharon."
I'm a kid. Why is he asking me to help.

"What's the reason you're fighting." I ask. He looks around.

"She's just being... annoying. She makes everything an argument." He explained. I nod my head. I walk into their room and see Sharon reading a book under her covers. I sit onto the bed.

"Hello." She greeted me.

"Hi. I'm aware that you and Zack have been fighting." I say like a concealer. She rolls her eyes.

"That's Really non of your business Y/N." She barked.

"Oh but it is. You guys are like my adoptive parents. I wanna know how I could help in this situation." I explain. She stared at me unamused.

"Okay. Zack isn't working right now. We need money Y/N, I can't feed all of you with nothing." She scoffs.
Why can't she get a job?

"Not to be rude, but, why can't you get a job." I ask. She rolls her eyes and huffs.

"Good idea! Getting a second job!" She barked. Okay calm down lady.

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