mission impossible

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Your POV

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Your POV

I finally fell asleep from exhaustion. I've been awake for more than 24 hours. I haven't been able to sleep from the dark surrounding me. I have something called Nyctophobia.

This morning I woke up to pounding on the door. I shot up and ran to a wall where I heard the pounding.

"FUCK!" I yelled out when it stopped.
I slid down the wall and cupped my face in my hands.

It's been about a week. I've finally gone mad. I hear voices when they aren't there, I see actual people when I look around, I have full on conversation with the darkness. Then the door slammed open.

"Y/N. Your punishment is over." The jackass says. I stand up and run the the door.

"He's a jackass. No I don't like him. ARE you actually crazy?" I kept talking to the voices inside of my head. The voices all sounded like people I knew.

"Y/N, darling. Are you alright." He asked. I shake my head.

"The voices are bugging me. They won't stop asking about you." I say.
"No, I know he's dumb. Yes! God stop asking that!" I mumble.
The bastard puts an arm on my back and takes me to my mom.
"Yes. I know. She's changed." I say to myself as I walk over to her.
"Mom." I cry hugging her. I always said I wasn't gonna break in front of that bastard. Guess things changed.

"It's Okay Y/N." She cried into my shoulder. I felt a hand grab my own and drag me away from my mom. Mr.jackson takes me back outside to shoot.

Stan's pov.

It's been a week and we're just now getting ready to find Y/N. I would have left sooner if it were my choice.

"Hey Eddie, are these your birth control pills?" Richie laughed looking through eddies cupboards.

"Yeah I'm saving them for your sister." Eddie mocks back.

About an hour later we get all packed up. Richie had brought some knives and more weapons for us to use. Didn't know he had all this shit. No guns though. We don't know how to use that.
We get on our bikes and start to peddle off to the city Y/N's in.


I stand outside holding the gun.

"Hey, I never said that. No, I- stop interrupting me! Now, I never said that. Stop making assumptions!" I shout. Mr.Jackson gives me a weird look.
"Sorry. The voices." I point to my head.
"You did this to me." I giggle and aim the gun. Another bullseye. I've got them all. Just wait till they see me shoot a real person. I giggle at my own though. I'm not a killer.
"STOP SAYING THAT!" I scream! Mr.Jackson takes the gun out of my hand and pushes me inside. He brings me to my room and sits me down.

"Y/N, I don't like seeing you like this." He says looking down.
"I wanna know how to help you."

"There's no going back Pete. They're here to stay." I smile.

"Y/N, Just talk to me. I can help you."

"They say you're gonna kill me. They said that I'm saying shit I don't even know about." I explain. He nods.

"Now, I'm not gonna kill you. I would never. Only if you knew
Y/N." He shook his head.

"They say that your dad fucked my mom. They say that I'm gonna have to kill people. They say that I'm insane! I'm not insane right!?" I start to freak out.

"No Y/N. You're not Insane." He says. A smile comes across my face.

"Make it stop! Please Pete!" I beg him. He smiled and took my hand into his.

"Gladly. Only if I could. Y/N, you have to get rid of them yourself. The only way is to find out the reason they're in your head."

"You. They said you." I tremble in fear as they keep saying shit.

"Y/N, what are they saying about me?" He asked.

"They said you're gonna kill my mom. That you killed a bunch of people. They say you're gonna kill me. Are you gonna kill me. No. I don't think you are." I shake my head.

"I already answered this question. I'm. Not. Gonna. Kill. You." He stated.

"I wanna see Beverly. I wanna see Stan. I wanna see the losers." I mumble. Pete nods his head.

"You should get cleaned up first." He takes my hand and pulls me up. I fall to the ground.

"No. I have to see them first!" I shout.

"Now Y/N, don't you wanna look pretty for them?" He asked. I nod my head. He picks me up bridal style and Carried me to the bathroom. He sets me down on the cold tile floor. Audrey comes in with clothes and a towel.

"Audrey I need you to.. take care of her." Pete says. Audrey nods her head and Pete leaves the room. She helps me get off my clothes and into the bathtub. She helps me wash my hair and I wash my own body. I stand up and she wraps the towel around me. My hair has grown a little longer.

Audrey plays around with my hair

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Audrey plays around with my hair.

"Do you wanna cut it again?" She asked. I shake my head no.
I walk over to my clothes and drop my towel. I slip on my underwear and bra.
Daily outfit⬇️

"Why all black?" I ask

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"Why all black?" I ask. Audrey shrugs.

"It's what Pete wanted you to wear." She says. I nod and walk out of the room to see Pete.

Richie's pov.

We're almost there. We have like two minutes left.

We turn a corner and see the huge building. It looks like the one in the picture. Everyone drops their bikes and walked up to the gate.

"You're sure this is the building?" Mike asked. Me and Bill nod.

"Let's go get our girl!" Eddie yelled. Beverly didn't wanna come. I can understand why. Well, she kinda told me anyways. Perfect for me. I don't need another girl running around. We cut the barbwire and jump the fence. We sneak up to the front door and push it open. For a huge industry it seems to have a very low security system. A giant white gas was blown on us. We ran through it and into the  building. Everyone was wearing white coats. We grab one off of a hook and walk around seeing if we can find Y/N.

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