a visit

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I woke up in the middle of the night hearing big footsteps by my closed door. I get out my walkie talkie.

"Bill. Richie! Eddie!?" I cried into the walkie talkie.

"What?" Mike whispered into the phone.

"I think the clowns here!" I cried out of fear.

"Can you get to Bill?"

"No. He's by my door."

"What if it's Zack or Sharon?" Mike pointed out.

"But they're big footsteps. They're loud and scary sounding."

"Ok Y/N, just calm down. We will get you out safely." Mike replied.

"Ok." I sigh. I place the walkie talkie on my bed and tiptoe to my door. I slowly open it and see Pennywise in the kitchen looking for something. I want to scream. I want to cry. But I can't. I open the door wider and bolt to Bill's room. I push open the door and jump onto his bed, making him wake up scared.

"IT." I whisper. He nods and rubs hi eyes.

"D-Did he t-touch you?" Bill asked moving a little closer to me.

"I'm fine. He didn't get me." I reply. I didn't know what to do. All of this is scary and Insane. Bill gives me a reassuring smile and lays back down.

"Y-You'll be fine t-tonight." Bill affirmed as I laid down next to him. I lay down next to him and turn over so I'm not facing him. I'm just glad I got away.


I woke up the next morning to yelling in the living room. It wasn't to loud. I get out of bed and jog into the living room and see my gang there.

"Hey guys." I greeted them. My throat was scratchy and dry.

"You alright?" Mike asked. I nod and make my way to my bedroom to get some clothes. Should probably take a shower, kinda need a shower. I took the clothes and walked into the bathroom. I strip down and make my way into the shower. I turned on the hot water and let the drops slide down my body. While I stand in the water calming down and thinking, I start to cry. Rarely do I cry. Ive become more tough recently. I turn around and grab the shampoo bottle. The lid pops open and, I get some into my hands.
After a couple minutes of my shower I start to get out. I pull on my towel and step out of the bathtub part. Then I get changed into this outfit⬇️

While walking out of the bathroom I hear whispers from the group

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While walking out of the bathroom I hear whispers from the group.

"We can't really do anything!? That's bullshit! We're gonna go to the sewers and find that fucking clown!" Richie whisper screamed.

"Yeah. Y/N doesn't deserve this! And neither do we! Constantly seeing her suffer! No. We're going to that sewer with Richie." Stan added in.

"Fuck it. I'll go in the sewer. Maybe. I'll be there though." Eddie pitched in.

"Anything to save Y/N. I just want her to be safe." Beverly sounded real. So I think my friends actually care. I turn the corner.

"Let's go do this." I gave a side smirk.

"You s-sure?" Bill asked. I nod. I grab a backpack with the boys. We all head out of the door and get on our bikes.
We peddle to the park.
We get to the park and throw down our bikes.

"Ready?" Mike asked Us all.

"Ready!" We all said in unison.

"Good." Mike agreed. We walk down to the river where there's a bunch of sewer pipe things.

"Really?" Eddie whined. Me Bill and Richie walk into the sewer.

"It's Betty's shoe." Stan said holding up a white shoe.

(Like I said, it's not gonna be like the movie)

"Let's keep going." Richie demands. We keep walking until a read balloon appears in front of me. It pops and blood comes out. There stood pennywise. He just stared at me.

"Let's go n/n!" Pennywise grabbed my arm. Richie and Bill tried to grab me but, I was already far gone.

"Pennywise!?" I yelled out.
He took me to this place. There was a pile of... stuff and, there were children floating.

"You'll float to n/n!" Pennywise's squeaky voice filled my ears.

"I don't wanna float." I cried and started backing away. He grabbed me by the throat and laughed.

I breathed in heavily and steadied my breathing.

"LET ME GO!" I yelled. I kicked him in the stomach and he drops me. I run out of the sewers and see the boys and Beverly all yelling at each other.

"NO ONE CARES! WE NEED TO FIND Y/N! NOW!" Mike yelled at them. They all went silent before mike started talking again.
"Richie, you're trashmouth. I bet you could say something to him.
Bill he killed your brother, get angry about it! Beverly, show him you aren't just some slut.
Eddie, who the hell cares! It's a sewer! It's either the sewer or
Y/N. Choose one! Ben, we all know you're tough! You can help us. STAN, Come On man, we know you aren't just some pussy, help us. Now let's go do this shit." Mike ordered.

"That was impressive!" I clap walking over to them.

"YOU'RE OKAY!" All of them hell and run over to me. They engulf me Into a giant hug.

"I'm fine guys." I giggle a little.

"Your eyes." Eddie started to freak out.

"Are they bleeding again?" I ask wiping my face to see. Yeah they were bleeding again. What the hell.

"And they're orange! Your eyes are literally orange!" Stan yelled. He walked over to me. Mike and Eddie come running to my side as well. Eddie hands stan a wipe from his fanny pack.

"Thanks." I smile as they wipe away the blood.

"Why a-are they o-orange?" Bill asked. We all shrug.

"What if that damn clown did something to her." Mike suggested.

"Could be. But what could he have done?" Ben asked.

"Put something inside of her. Somehow." Beverly added.

"But what?"  Stan questions.

"Like a virus?" Beverly replied.

"Could be. Doctors? Could they help?"
Mike asked.

"Don't have e-enough money for t-that kind of h-help. If w-we're gonna h-help her, it's g-gonna be us to a-actually fix th-this problem." Bill adjourned that motion.

"Okay. So Eddie. You always have to get new pills. Is there a way you could ask for some that could treat some of her Symptoms?" I question.

"I guess so." He said.

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