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2/5 endings.

"I'm bored

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"I'm bored." I whined. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Let's do something fun." Eddie suggested. I smiled and scooted closer to Eddie.

"Watcha got in mind?" I ask. Eddie smirked and looked around.

"I say we go to the fair down the street." He suggested. We all nod and stood up.

"Let me change real quick." I say and shoo the boys and bev out. I think they probably left to change also. I'm only changing because I'm wearing a really good shirt. Yes it's a plain green but... it's my favorite.
Daily outfit⬇

I walk out of my room and into my living room

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I walk out of my room and into my living room. There my mom sat eating again. It's good. Those people at the industry fed you but not really. I pop a piece of bread in my mouth and exit out the door. And yes. I did just put a plain piece of bread in my mouth hole. It's good.
I walk out into the road and see Eddie and Richie. I jog over to them and scare Eddie. I jumped on his back and screamed. Eddie screamed and fell backwards Landing on me.
It was totally worth it though.

"What the hell!" Eddie screamed. I was dying of laughter. My ribs hurt really bad. Richie kinda looked at us like we were stupid. Don't get me wrong, we can be stupid, but right now we... Well never mind. We are being stupid. Eddie Stands up and lends me a hand. I gladly take it and he helps pull me up.

"So... Others?" I ask while walking a little ways forward.

"They're gonna meet us there. If it weren't for Eddie and him missing his damn fanny pack, we would be with them right now." Richie explained. Eddie rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

"Do you want me to have an asthma attack and die!?" Eddie asked Richie. Richie nodded and started walking forward.

"If it makes you feel any better, I don't want you to die." I giggle and keep walking beside Eddie. We talked for a while on the way there. It wasn't across the street like I thought it was.
I heard Bill yell my name and I turn around. Seems we walked right past it. Not far though.

"Hey, wanna go on this with me?" Eddie asked pointing to a ride. This ride when HIGH.

"Eddie how the hell are you even wanting to go on that?" I ask out of pure confusion. Eddie shrugs. I-
"Okay. Fine." I give in. Mike comes running over to us with a giant smile.

"It's a three seater!" Mike cheered. I heard Eddie sigh. We stood in line for about thirteen minutes. It was worth it. SO worth it.

We loaded into the ride. I was in the middle of mike and Eddie. I think it was because Eddie and mike both wanted to sit next to me.

"Are you ready for it?" Eddie asked. To be honest I'm not. But I can't let them know that. They all know me to be tough. Shit. I need off.
I shake my head no and grip the handles. Mike laughed at me and Eddie held onto my hand.

"It's gonna be okay. Got it." Eddie points out.
"I won't let anything happen to you." Eddie smiled. I've never really seen this side of Eddie. I like it.
I nod with a slight smile.
After everyone got loaded onto the ride, I heard the machine start up again. At first we started slow, then it went super fast and high. I was screaming my lungs out and holding onto Eddie so tight. I think I was hurting him. I'm not sure. Eddie was also screaming out of fear. Mike was laughing and screaming out of happiness. I don't even know how.

Finally the ride was over. I was so ready to get off that damn ride. I Wobble off of the ride and fall onto Beverly. She holds me in a hug and pats my back.

"That was awesome!" Mike shouted and fist bumped me. I nod out of fear. In a way it was fun but in a another way it was terrifying.

"You okay Y/N?" Eddie asked. I nod and start to walk away with Beverly. We go on a couple rides together then I let Ben have her. Now I'm stuck with Richie and Eddie. Bill and mike ran off somewhere.

"Dude, TILTA- Thingy!" Richie half shouted. I sigh and stand in line with Richie and Eddie.

"I hate this ride." Eddie scoffed.  I smiled and patted his back.

"I'll make sure nothing happens to you Eddie. Your gonna be fine." I reassured. Richie looked at us weird again. After I caught Richie staring at us weirdly he quickly turned away. Whatever. All three of us load into one seat.

"Holy shit!" Eddie screamed and covered his mouth.

"I swear to got Eddie! If you puke on me I will end you!" I shout at him. Richie was laughing his ass off and Eddie was trying not to puke. I unzip his fanny pack and pull out his inhaler.
"Use it!" I order and hand it to him. He nods and takes in a bunch of huffs from it.

We got off the ride and I had to help Eddie walk.

"Thanks— Y/N." Eddie paused. I nod and sit him down at a table. I take some of my own money and bought him a thing of water.

About 10 minuets later he finally calmed down.

"How about we go on the Farris wheel. Give you a tiny break of all the sickening rides." I suggested. Eddie nods and stood up. I take his hand and lead him over. There wasn't much of a line. Only a few people.

We get into a seat and strap ourself in. The man closes the door and starts the ride. It was quiet and smooth.

"How has your day been." I ask trying to make conversation. I hate small talk but whatever.

"It's been alright. Especially because I've been with you for most of it." Eddie replied. Smooth bean. I smiled and griped the handle bars.
"How has your day been?" He asked.

"Okay. It got even better just now." I smiled. Eddie did the same and I rested my head on his shoulder. The ride stopped at the top. Yes I was freaking out a little on the inside but, I can't let Eddie see that right now. Because all I wanna do is sit here with him. I bring my head up and look at Eddie. He looks back at me and takes out his inhaler again.

"I hate being up here so high." Eddie confessed. I nod in agreement.

"It's way to high."  He stuffed his inhaler back in his Fanny pack and looks me straight in the eyes.

"Is it bad that I wanna kiss you right now?" Eddie asked. I shake my head no. Only because I wanna do the same. Finally. Eddie kissed me on the lips. The ride starts moving again and we pull away.

"Holy shit." I breath out and caress Eddie's cheek. We lean in again and kiss for longer this time.
Again we let go of each other's faces and see we're almost at the bottom. This was amazing.

I was walking home with Eddie now. It was dark out and silent except for the cars in the distance.  We reach my door step and unlink hands.

"I had a really good time Y/N." Eddie beamed. I smiled back and hugged him.

"Same here. Have a good night Kaspbrak." I smiled and Walked inside. Eddie walked away heading for his own home. I laughed and walked into the kitchen. Today was Awesome.

•Eddie kaspbrak•

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