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Maybe I got the idea of his name after a panic! At the disco song. Don't judge me. And yes I know it's Mrs.Jackson.

Your POV.

I sit in my room eating a bag of chips they gave me. It's the same kind the cop gave me.
I hear a faint knock on the door then it opens.

"Hello Y/N. Mr.Jackson want to see you." A woman informs me. I nod. She walks beside me and takes me to a room where the man in the car sits.

"Mr.Jackson." I greet him with a sly smile. He only clicks his fingers together.

"So. I need you for something." He sits straight.

"Okay. What is this thing." I ask matching his posture.

"Put this on." He orders handing me this⬇️

" He orders handing me this⬇️

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I walk back into the room and see Mr.Jackson drinking his coffee.

"Okay. Let's go doll." He orders and I follow behind. Doll? What the hell is this guys problem?
"Now. It's just helping with your physical strength. Bring in the groceries." He commands and points to the car full of groceries. I sigh and walk to the car. I thought it was gonna be something cool! Bringing in the groceries? Boy what the hell.
I pick up 2 bags and carry them into the building. The "kitchen" was on the first floor in the back.
I walk back out and see Mr.Jackson smoking.

"Jog." He sternly says. I start to jog to the car. I'm not here to do you chores man.
I grab more groceries. I jog back to the kitchen. Continuing to do this over and over again. They had a lot of people to feed.

"Follow me." He says. I to as told.
"Can you read this for me?" He asked pointing to a screen. It was in Sweden. I nod.
Who's sending things in Sweden to this man? Whatever. Doesn't matter.
The screen read;
Vi kommer till henne du kan inte dölja henne.

"That means. We are coming for her. You can't hide her." I say. The man breaths in heavily.

He pushes me into a room. In this room were treadmills, and other work out machines. If I wanna get my losers back, I'm gonna have to get stronger.

I start to work out for my own good.

About an hour later the guy comes back in.

"Break time." He smiled. I walk out of the room and in the kitchen area. I make a sandwich and sit at the table. What's going on. This is crazy. This guy thinks he's like my owner! Just wait till I get out. It's gonna happen. I swear.

Eddies pov.

I sit in my room eating some carrots. It's calming me down with each crunch. *crunch*. I set the bowl aside and lay down on my bed. All I could think about was her. How badly I want her back. How badly we ALL want her back.
After beating everything she should be here with us. By the looks of things she could be here with us, but can't. She's apparently being held captive or something. I don't know. I choose not to listen to Richie sometimes.
I take a breath out of my inhaler and set it down on my bland, bedside table. I pick up my carrot bowl and take it downstairs.

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