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quick disclaimer before you read this book. i wrote this when i was 12 and it's not great. the outfits to not fit the time zone and there are scenes and chapters that make me want to delete the book because of how weird not out of place they are. so please stuck with me. there is another book i started called CHASE which i haven't updated in months, sadly i do not think i will be continuing that book. but i am currently begging my journey in a new book i'm planning on going on with. thanks for reading losers <3


I walked to school with my bag almost falling off of my back. Today wasn't gonna go as planned I already knew this. We all have insecurities about our own self. I used things to make them go away. Although it never really helped in my eyes, it did for others. Not knowing the way they see me is much better than the way I see myself. People tend to keep their insecurities to themselves, I do the same. I only ever told my mom one of them. My acne. It's toned down a lot recently, which I'm happy about.

I started walking in the grass in the schools lawn. right as i was about to open the front door, a boy and 2 others stop in front of me with their arms folded. They're obviously in a higher grade then me. They looked like the typical "bullies" in a school. Just as I expected a boy with longish blond hair pushed me down. I was early. Nobody else was there. The other 2 boys laughed as the "leader" looked through my bag. I was wearing a white skirt and a mint green top. Knee hieght white socks and a pony tail.

"Aww. Is this a picture of your daddy!?" The boy asked. I nod my head and try to stand up. Another boy with longish black hair kicked me back down. He starts to rip the picture.

"STOP!!" I yelled. My dad died a couple months ago. I wasn't ready for him to leave.
"please!" I yelled hopelessly. He kept going through my bag as his other goon held me down. He pulled out a silver locket and smashed it on the ground. That had my dads ashes in it. all the ash scattered away in the wind. Tears ran down my petrified face as I realized I REALLY couldn't do anything. Just when he pulled out my notebook I draw and write in, a group of boys ride in on bikes.

"Let her go!" One of the boys yelled running over to us. He wore glasses and had curly black hair. The leader of the bullies group sets down my stuff and walks over to the rest of the group. The other goon got off of me. The boy with glasses helped me up.
"I'm Richie." He introduced with a smile.

"I'm Y/N." I smiled turning around to pick up my bag and such.

"-your faggot friends!" The leader yelled at the others. That word struck close to home. I ran over there and punched the guy in the face. He deserves every ounce of pain. He's a dick.

"Th-Thanks." A boy from the group stuttered.
"I'm Bill." He introduced himself.
He had brown hair and electric blue eyes

"Y/N." i said with a smile.
Another boy with a inhaler in hand introduced himself as well.

"I'm Eddie." He used his inhaler.
He had brown hair. Or black. I couldn't really tell.

"I'm Stan. Or Stanley." Another said. He had curly blond hair.

"Pleased to meet you. Thank you for helping me." I smiled for the first time in a while. Would they be my friends? I hope. They seem cooler than I ever have been.

I didn't even realize it but I was staring into Bill's electric blue eyes.

"Already!" Eddie whined.

"What?" I snapped out of the trance.

"Nothing. Just bill always gets the ladies. He's a man whore." Richie explained walking over to us.
I giggle to myself. Richie hands me my backpack. I pull it on and walk into school with my new friends smiling and joking about people's moms and random crap.


I walk out of class to the bathroom. I hear a girl yelling at another girl, calling her a slut and more.
I see another girl with a garbage bag filled with shit. I walk over to the other girl yelling at the girl in the stall. From what I've heard her name is Beverly. But I'm not completely sure.

"Hey bitch!" I yell at the one yelling at Beverly. She looked at me shocked and crossed my arms.
"What are you doing! Probably yelling at a girl for no reason other than your own." I crossed my arms as well.

"Well at least I don't need a group of boys to save me." The girl says. She thinks she's so slick. She's not.

"Yeah, okay slick bitch. At least I don't put my own insecurities on other people. And I don't constantly make my perfectness shine. Because all the perfectness is fake. No one else sees you the way you see yourself." I laughed in her face.

"You know you're sticking up for a girl who slept with the man who just broke all of your stuff outside."

"I don't care. At least she's not him." I pushed the girl on the floor. The others girl come around me. Beverly comes out of the stall and pushes them down with me. We jog out of the bathroom. She smiled at me. Soon enough we're outside. We let out a laugh.

"Thanks." She smiled.

"Yeah. I was always that person in the situation." I smiled back.

"I'm Beverly."

"I'm Y/N." the boys come around us. Richie put his hand on my shoulder. I look over to him with a blank expression.

I wasn't sure if I was gonna make this a story or not. We'll see how this goes😁

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