the rock fight

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I woke up this morning with the boys and Beverly all sleeping scattered around my room. Last night was really fun. We played some video games and talked about ourself. I was laying next to Eddie and Beverly. It was nice to actually be around people. To actually have friends.
I sit up and look around my f/c room. Eddie had made his own little bed out of pillows and blankets. Beverly had my body pillow and a random grey blanket. Bill had a pillow and a boat plushie In his arms. The blanket he was using was my dads. Richie was on my bed holding a gaming paddle and in his other hand were his glasses. Eddie turned over and looked at me with a smile.

"You're awake." He whispered. I laid back down.
So I could talk to him.

"Yeah. How'd you sleep?" I ask brushing through his hair with my hands.

"Good. You?" He asked with a smirk painted on his face.

"Pretty well. Best I've slept in weeks." I giggle quietly. I pull away my hand. Eddies watch starts beeping and he sits up.

"Time for my pills." Eddie sighed as he reached in his fanny pack. He takes some pills with a bottled water he brought.
"Oh shit! School!" Eddie whisper yelled out of realization.

"Fuck it. We'll go tomorrow." I sighed and giggled softly.
Eddie laughed and slid back down.

"Thanks for letting us stay here last night." Eddie thanked. I nod. Then Beverly sat up and crawled a little bit over to us. She yawned.
Then the rest of the boys came crawling around us.

"Wh-What's go-going on today?" Bill asked.  I shrug and look around.

"We should go Down to the park and talk." I suggested. I just wanted to get out of my room. We all nod in agreement. First I needed to change. I thought I would let Beverly borrow one of my outfits. The boys didn't really need to change. I shoo the boys out of the room and look through my closet.

"This would look nice on you!" I smiled and pulled out a pale pink crop top and a white pair of shorts. She nods and walks into my bathroom. I decide to wear black frayed shorts and a lose grey shirt. I knew today wasn't gonna be normal. Not with the losers. I don't know how to say that though sounding rude. Bev walks out of the bathroom looking pretty good in my clothes. The crop top didn't show her stomach as much as it shows mine. Bev walks to the door and puts her ear to the door. I do the same

"Okay. But we can't make this a competition." Eddie said using his inhaler.

"Yeah. An-and who ever she ch-chooses we should be happy for." Bill added.

"Even if it's not one of us." Richie says.

"What if she likes girls?" One of them asked. I couldn't tell who. Obviously they were talking about Beverly. I'm just a kid they saved from a bully. Maybe we're friends now but not that well.
I nudge bev. She opens the door and sighs.

"I don't like girls." Bev announces.

"But we were-" Richie started but Eddie elbowed him in the stomach. I giggle at there cover up.

"Let's go." I laugh grabbing my thin flannel. We all walk out of my house and get into our bikes.

"What now?" Stan asked as we set down our bikes. I shrug and open the basket on my bike. I lay out a blanket and sit down.

"You know there is a bench right there, right?" Eddie asked.
"There's probably so many THings on the ground. Even with the blanket there." Eddie panicked.

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