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"Sorry. I don't know what to ask!" Henry chuckled.

"It's Fine Henry." I smiled and placed my hand on my stomach.
"So, got any food?" I ask. Henry paced around a minute then walked to his kitchen cautiously. He takes out some crackers and water.

"It's not much.. its all I can get for now.
I take a drink of water and find that it's warm.

"It's warm." I giggle. Henry's eyes steer into another direction.

"Sorry. I can't go in the fridge right now." He rubs tha back of his neck. Why wouldn't he be able to go in the fridge.

"Why?" I ask. He turns to me and shrugs.

"There's a lock on the door. I can't get in." He explains. I look at him with worried eyes.

"Don't worry about me. Take these crackers back. Keep the water. I have to go anyways. Sorry about your dad Henry. Hope everything gets better. Talk to you later friend." I hand him back the water and crackers. He takes them hesitantly.

"Thanks. Have a nice day." He smiled at me as I walked out of his door.


"Not fair! Hey! Y/N!" Richie yelled at me as I wrestle with him on the ground.

"Don't.. take my... fruit snacks!" I scold him.
"Oww!" I shout when his hand dug into my scar from the knife.

"Oh shit." Richie sighed and stood up.
"You okay?" He asked. I stand up and push him on the couch.
I place my hands down on the couch right beside his legs and, place my face over his.

"That fucking hurt." I slapped him and got off.

"Hey! You can't taunt me like that." Richie pouted.

"Watch me!" I shout and walk into my room. I crack my neck and grab a backpack. If the boys won't help me get my mom, I'll get her myself. Also, the voices seemed to leave. For now At least. I walk out of my room and see the boys and Beverly with backpacks.

"Oh! You're coming with me?" I ask. They all sigh and nod. I jump in place.


We cut the fence open and crawl trough. I saw the cameras looking at us. Shit. I I grabbed a rock and threw it at the camera. I did this to all of them.

"Okay, we walk in, get on the coats, and grab my mom. I know exactly which room it is!" I explain. They all nod. I heard footsteps and turn around. There Mr.jackson stood.

"Pete, please. I'm just getting my mom back." I explain and don't make eye contact.

"Don't worry about her. We already let her go. If she didn't find you, she doesn't care." He sighed and walked over to us.
"I have no interest in you anymore. Now, we let your mom go at her own house. See if she's there." He waved us off. We do so and bike back to my moms house.

We get to my moms house and open the door. There I saw My Mom and a man... why does he look so... familiar?

"Y/N?" My Mom laughed and grabbed my hand.
"I've been waiting for you to come home honey. Wanted to make sure you and the boys were okay." She smiled and sat me down on the couch.

"Honey, this is Dalton." She introduced me the man on the couch. I nod and stick out my hand. The losers come walking in awkwardly.

"I'm Y/N." I state blankly. He nods.

"Nice to meet you." He chuckled and let go of my hand. I stand back up and walk over to the boys.
(There will be a picture of dalton on the bottom.)

"So umm. You alright?" I ask my mom. She nods and looks to Dalton.

"Why don't you and your friends go... play with Bill's Zelda thingy." My Mom suggested. How and why. We exit the house and decide to just go back to the arcade. I love this place. Just all the memories here. We played at the arcade for about an hour before some men, all in white suits, came marching in.
Oh shit. I look over to the nearest loser to me. Eddie. Tears welling up in my own eyes as well as his. I saw the men at the front desk being robbed. Another came around and grabbed Mike. I cover my mouth and start to cry.

"Anyone move and I shoot him!" The man threatens. Eddie had water falling down his eyes. A man in a red suit came in behind all of them. He had a black mask on covering his face while the others had white masks. The smell. His smell. He smells like someone I know. Oh shit. But who? That's the real question. I look behind me and see Ben and Beverly. They're cowered in a corner together. Ben seems to be comforting bev. I look around more and see Bill looking at Stan. Stan looks back at me. His eyes wide and watery. I think all of us had tears falling down our faces. Especially me and Mike. The man in the red suit walks around and looks at all of us. He walked over to Eddie and held his face in his hands.
Eddie started freaking out.

"To loud!" The man scoffed and walked over to Stan. Stan remained calm and collected. How? I don't know.
"No fun!" The man lets go of Stan. The man walks over to Beverly and Ben. He grabs Beverly's arm and pulls her up. Beverly spits in his face. Although he couldn't feel anything he pushed her down and kicked her repeatedly.
"To feisty." He grabs Ben then drops him almost immediately.
Ben kicks the man and helps bev.
"To heroic."
The man walks over to Bill and stared him down. Bill just cried and stared at the man.

"Wh-w-What are y-you gonna do?" Bill asked. The man sighed and pushed Bill down.

"Stutters to much." The man scoffed. Finally he reached Richie then me. I'm guessing you already knew the answer to his. Richie was too much of a trash mouth. The man grabs me by the face.
I cried and tried to get his hand off of my throat.

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