Rain, Georgia, and Kirill just watched her, "Maybe we should go on a trip," Rain and Kirill suggested, and Angel shook her head, "No. I just want to go home."

Georgia wrapped her in a hug and stroked her back, "How about you come home with me, and we'll do something... let Rain and Kirill have their wedding night."

Angel slumped against her and was still trying not to cry, "All right." She pulled her keys out of her purse and handed them out to Rain and Rain kissed her brow and stroked her cheek. "You're gonna be okay, kitten. I'll call you tonight, and we can talk for a bit."

Angel shook her head, "No. Tonight belongs to both of you. Just go please have a good night. Georgia and I will be okay." This time Rain nodded, and she and Kirill headed for the parking garage and headed back to Angel's house as Georgia guided Angel to the waiting town car and she smiled and gave the driver the address for the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Downtown Chicago.

Angel just sat in the backseat still trying her hardest not to cry as they traveled through the snow muffled streets.

Georgia talked non-stop about what was going on and about the hotel room Halex had paid for one night so each couple could have a night alone and she sighed as far as she knew it was still on his credit card. When they got to Wabash on the river they admired the area, "Angel isn't it pretty?"

"It is I don't come this far into the city until today. Thank you for staying with me Georgia." She slid out of the car as the bags were fetched from the trunk and Georgia smiled, and the driver waved goodbye to them as they walked in and Angel smiled at the front desk. "Angel Adler for check-in. My husband reserved the room. Halex Adler."

The receptionist clicked a few buttons on her computer and smiled, "Yes ma'am here are your key cards, you have to slide one in the slot by the inside of the door to get your lights. You also need it to work the elevators. You just tap it on the black reader and press your floor. If you need anything just call the concierge, Enjoy your stay."

Georgia took the keys from Angel as they walked to the elevators and she pulled out a key and swiped it over the reader in the elevator, and it beeped then she pushed the button for the 18th floor and up the went. Angel pressed into her side as she trembled, she did not want to cry until they had reached their room and a moment later there was a ding, the car stopped as the elevator spoke, " the Eighteenth floor." The doors slid open, and they found their room. Georgia opened the door, slid the key into the lights slot, and suddenly the dark room brightened, and she and Angel slid in, "it's two doubles... that will be perfect."

Angel picked the bed closer to the windows and settled onto the bench at the foot of it and sniffed. Georgia put her clothes away and tucked her bag in the massive closet then moved to open the curtains a bit and smiled at the snowy Chicago afternoon. "Halex got you a nice room. Would you like something to eat?" Georgia prodded gently and sat beside her. "You need to eat, your pale."

"I'm pale because I just got dumped at the altar. I gave Halex every part of me, and he just left me standing there like a twatwaffle in front of Kirill and vanished."

There was a knock on the door, and a young woman her age smiled at Georgia. "I'm Emily, I'm Mikhail's wife, and I just wanted to check on you, our rooms connect if you need anything Mikhail is in charge of getting it."

Emily smiled, and Georgia thanked her, "Can we get room services or the Spa?"

"Sure can. In fact, I have a spa day for Angel, and I scheduled for tomorrow. Get anything you like. Enjoy the bath as well. Angel if you want to talk or ask questions Mikhail will probably have all the answers you need."

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