"Should probably introduce myself," she slurred pressed her face, to his warm neck, "I'm Dr. Angel High, I'm here as part of the Symposium on Plastic Surgery.  Just trying to have a little fun tonight, it's a beautiful one, and I may never be able to come back.  My freedoms are not so easy to come by, I'm married to my job." She smiled as she clung to him in her tight grip.  Nuzzling her nose against his neck, "You smell divine...  Like Honey and Sandalwood." She kissed against the vein straining in his neck, pulsing quickly with his heartbeat the fluttering feeling tickled her lips as she nodded off in his arms.

Halex nearly dropped her as he stared at her face and shook his head, no way could he be this unlucky.  "Halex Adler."  He said feeling her nuzzle into him was making him need her with all of him going crazy, no way this beauty in his arms could be mousey Angel.  But when he looked down at her again, her eyes closed and her body limp.  He realized then that she hadn't heard his name.   He could see the soft, delicate structure of her face, which she was still profoundly broken, what had he done to her? What had come to cause such grief in even her sleeping form and he stroked her hair back from her face as he kicked his loafers off by the door before stepping into the room.

She'd shed all the baby fat, and now she was an irresistible woman.  Her curves delicate and soft, and he swallowed, he had to stop paying attention, Halex had his own business to take care of, Halex couldn't get mixed up with another girl when he had Ileana at home.  He checked her left hand, no rings, no ring tan.  How it was that this creature was still single. He damned himself then as he set her hand back down and let the door close as he brushed his lips against her nose and smiled, "I'm not writing you off again Angel.  It's my life now.  I'm a grown man." He promised her sleeping form and yet she smiled in her sleep.

Halex carried her across the room to the great big bed and pulled back the covers. Halex sat her down on the mattress and lay her down carefully, getting her comfortable and pulled up the sheet then set her heels next to the bed and stepped back watching her as he stretched and smiled as her eyes slid open watching him. Halex was about to do something he knew he'd regret as Halex shed the destroyed dress shirt and dropped it to the floor, and walked back toward her as she giggled in her inebriated state and he started to unbutton the pretty lavender blouse that brought out her green eyes.

                Slowly he lowered himself onto the bed next to her and turned her face so he could press his lips to hers. Sweetly tasting cherry flavored lip-gloss and the staying tang of the Jagermeister and chuckled to himself as she reacted to him, turning to move her leg. Halex slung that shapely leg over his hip she kissed him back, trailing her fingers through the coarse hair on his chest.   Her lips left his as she let out a low moan of need and her hips rolled against his body, her pants rubbing against his as she broke the kiss and whispered in the dim light.

"Please...," Angel begged him softly as he caught her hands in his kissing her again.

"Slowly Angel, slowly."  He stroked her face as he moved his hand to her bra and cupped her breast through the expensive La Perla lace.  He licked his lips as he traced calloused fingers over the smooth skin of her shoulder to her elbow.  She was everything he could have ever wished her to be. That nagging feeling came to the back of his thoughts; he couldn't sleep with her. Not like this and he softly sighed as he resorted to just holding her and stroking her warm skin as he Halex fought the emotion she drugged up as he let out a shaky breath, hades she was driving him insane.  "Angel you need to stop, or I'm going to do something with you I'm going to regret."  He warned her, and she stilled under him and smiled, "And what if it's something I want?"

                That caused him to still and slip his hand into her hair.  "If it's something you want we can compromise and see where it leads us to go."  He nipped the flesh of her jawline as he pressed his hips against hers.  "Baby I want to make love to you so bad.  You deserve so much more, and so much better. I'll just break your heart all over again."

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