Halex was on the phone with the Prince Amin-Ah-Sala and with-in the hour Halex and the other's were on the Prince's Plane and strategizing the taking of Angel High. It would take twenty-six hours to get there, it was twelve-fifty am, and they would land around four-thirty pm then the window to grab her. Moab was filling needles with black fuzzy ends for the dogs, puppy doses, and adult dog doses and then he filled another two syringes and handed them to Halex who tucked them away in his vest pockets.

"Thank you, now remember to avoid the main house Kirill and Rain will be in there the dogs are in the backyard at that time of day for outside time because the sun is setting and its cooler. The house on the back of the lot is where Angel was, and she is to be treated with the most care possible, "She's seven month's pregnant. I will handle her. No bullets only tranquilizers." He pats his pockets for the syringes again, "Now let us eat breakfast and sleep the rest of the way to Tucson. I love this woman, and right now she despises me."


Twenty-Six hours later the team was awake and eating lunch, the captain came over the speaker, "Mr. Adler we will be arriving at Tucson International Airport in an hour. It has been passed along that your SUV's will be waiting and my return flight is already okayed for six-forty-five pm, the flight back is twenty-six hours."


Halex finished his sandwich then made sure the small bedroom at the back of the Prince's plane had clean sheets and blankets, which he brought blankets for, and, her favorite movies were aboard in the bag for her.

Halex came back out, and Mikhail was staring at him, "Your going to do this?"

"Yeah I am, she pregnant, Thinks I abandoned her, and now, now I have to keep her safe I have to keep her from herself." Halex blinked hard attempting not to let his tears betray him. "I got you back to Emily for your son's birth, I am... in a strange way, asking you for that convenience with Angel."

The seatbelt sign came on, and they all sat and buckled their seatbelts as they felt the decline into Tucson. All passports were ready when customs came aboard to check them out and clear them into the country. They headed out and into the SUV's then using a navigation they drove the half-hour to the house, parking in front of the house.

Kirill was watering the grass, but he dropped the hose and rushed into the house to hug Rain close as Moab and Midian sedated the four dogs and got them in the one SUV.

Halex and Mikhail headed into the guest house and looked around not seeing Angel in the great room and then they stepped into the bedroom.

All Halex could see was her back arched as she lay on her side. He walked up to the bed while Mikhail packed a duffle with all of her things he thought necessary. Halex sat on the bed and pulled out one of the syringes and carefully gave her the shot earning a turn to her back and her eyes hazily trying to focus on him.

"Hal... no." her eyes slid closed, and he picked her up and headed to the SUV and slid into the backseat with her. He held her head, and her Red curls that were always so beautiful were in knots and not taken care of, "What have you done Angel... Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you let me help!" he whispered in her ear, kissing it softly.

Rain just watched with tears down her face, "Please Kyria tell me I did right. Please."

Kirill turned her into his arms, "You did do right this will all work out, Mikhail will keep her safe and Halex will come around you will see. You've been doing the best you can for her. Let's go work on the nursery the paint is dry, so I'll let you in there now. Make it pretty for our baby girl."

Rain kissed him, and they headed to the nursery.


They were on the plane with 15 minutes to spare, and Halex had buckled Angel into a seat, and he sat across from her, Mikhail next to her and the others behind them. Oded sat by Angel on her other side.

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