After her speech was finished, and she had gone back up to her room to change from her power suit of grey pinstripes and a pale pink top tucked into the faded waiting jeans and flirty lavender lace top she had packed for just the occasion, for an after-hours dinner and drinks at the Hotel Bar. Now she was surrounded by men and women from the island working to keep the group fed and full of liquor as they could watch out the windows to a significant storm building over the ocean and the men and women from her profession enjoyed their beautiful evening. 

She had delivered an outstanding Question and Answer session and had left on deafening applause.  She felt proud, rather than a failure, her small, speedy hands had quickly moved through the power point presentation. She spoke on her leg of the plastic surgery stand instead of Tobias's cookie-cutter speech. It seemed her peers enjoyed it and now, now she was done and enjoying a glass of red wine and bopping to the jukebox in the corner of her hotel bar, had stools where the people from the conference were beginning to flock.

Bon Jovi's 'Shot Through the Heart' began to pound in the bar, and she chuckled, she had a soft buzz but not yet enough to overpower her as Angel slid out to the dance floor, her keys and key card in her jeans pocket jingled as she danced to the beat of the music. Singing along to it with several other girls she had recognized from the lecture. Drink offers began to pour in as doctors from all over the world threaded in and out in the cool night air of the mix of partygoers They were meeting each other, old friends, and new companions.  It was becoming a loud and rambunctious bunch. That just fed Angel's happy high. She hadn't taken notice of anyone at the table beside the bar as she was pulled in for another dance before begging off as the song slowed down. Angel went back to her seat with a warm smile and waved her hand to the bartender to get a fresh drink and start in on her dinner, a plate piled with jerk steak and potatoes.

Angel was quiet, her joy, singing to the music as some of her favorite songs from high school filled the air. She had switched drinks to her longtime favorite, a Pina Colada, and sipped the pleasant smelling coconut drink.  Starring at the bars reflection in the mirror she could see the whole room, and something made her pulse beat stronger as she turned to look to the left. It was a madhouse, couples hanging onto one another, the girl's speaking in murmurs and laughing at other girls. They were getting louder as they drank and sang along with their musical choices. 

The camera's flashing was mindboggling and making Angel light headed both from the drinks and flashes of light. Angel was trying to keep an eye on the gentleman behind her, her stomach grumbled. All she could see him in the pale light was that he was broad shouldered and had long hair that curled around his neck, collar, and face and slid down his back.  Something kept her attention, something profound and dangerous as though she knew the man and Angel doubted that.  He looked as dangerous as the pit in her stomach felt.

He was barely perched on a stool behind her watching her as he sucked the remains of his drink, turning the swizzle stick in his fingers and she blushed looking down as her eyes caught his a moment, just holding his gaze. Why was he making her heart beat like a stampede? She touched her chest trying to concentrate enough to still her heart in the pounding bass flooding her system from the jukebox.  The man was ruggedly handsome. His cheeks and chin brushed with a shadowing of scruff, but there was something about his eyes, warm, knowing, yet dangerous and then he smiled making her smile softly in return and tugged at one of her stray red curls.

"He can't be looking at me," she said a little too loudly, and the young man in a lime green polo behind the bar chuckled, "He be looking at you lady, he been looking at you a long time."  He laughed and slid down the bar to get two girls more shots as she smiled and looked back at the man.  He seemed familiar, but she wasn't sure. It left her excited and turned on.  How was a stranger exciting her so? Angel was confused \ as her buzz was slowly building, her body was tingling. She smiled softly into the mirror behind the bar as she ordered another drink. When it arrived she barely moved, just her fingers pulling the drink close with the tingly tips of her fingers.

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