Halex pulled back the slide on his Glock, cocking the gun with full control, looking each of his detail one on one before speaking in his raspy bass, "I'm getting every one of you out of here alive, just listen to me." Halex shifted in the parking garage and took a deep breath, "I'm going to take their fire, and you run as fast as you can, for years you have faithfully taken care of me. Let this be our final stand and let me do this."

Kirill was the only one to question their boss, "Halex, no."

Halex cut him off before he could say more, "Damn Kirill. No. I want you all home safe on the next flight out. You leave here and go straight to the airport. These son-of-a-bitches mean business. Now on Three." Halex took another deep breath.

"One." He looked under the cars for feet. "Two." He brushed his unmanageable curly hair out of his eyes as he mouthed goodbye to his friends. "Three!" He jumped across the car pulling the hair-trigger over and over again as bullets flew past him, a spray of automatic fire lit up the garage as his men, and all but Midian flew across to the SUV taking off. Kirill popped up to run. But instead, his rifle came up to his shoulder. He couldn't let Halex stay behind because he knew. He knew Halex would stay. So he braced the stock rifle and fired, making the garage echo with ricochets and the unmistakable sound of the gang on their tale was his and dropping, all of this over Dragon.

Kirill chose to stay. He lifted his rifle and fired taking out several of the men, taking out enough to give him time to pull Halex over the parking garage wall. Kirill hurt enough but he was terrified that Halex was going to die. He was shaking so hard as he patted Halex's cheek. He was crying as he tried talking to his boss as Kirill stroked his cheek, wiping away the blood as he kissed his brow and closed his eyes before looking across the grassy knoll and saw the lights on at Chicago Plastic Surgery on and he hefted Halex up over his shoulder in a fireman's carry.

Kirill climbed his way to the front door, the automatic door didn't slide open it was locked, and when he hit the glass, the woman working at the front desk jumped a foot and stood to stare at them as Kirill begged for her to come closer, "Please we need help." He could barely breathe, gasping mostly, Kirill barely knew the proper words. Halex groaned, and he set him down and seeing Angel's face he knew at that moment why Halex loved her, she was an angel and orders were being given on the other side of the door as it released and he fell in dropping Halex in a bloody mess on the floor. "Help us please."

* * * * * *

Rain sat on a cot where their spread of midnight Chinese spread out over a clean sheet, the t.v. Playing quietly as she dished everything out, and took an egg roll dipping it in the sweet and sour and nudged the sleepy Angel, "Come on miss sleepy head it's your last overnight for a week. She pushed the plate of steaming hot Chinese toward her best friend, her sister. "You got to eat and quit dwelling on Halex he's been out of your life for months now. It's not like he wanted to stay or he would have." She swung her short legs, "and I need to know you're okay before my healed up self-goes back to her booming obstetrics and gynecology office in Tucson to wither alone and die. It's not like I'll be seeing Kirill again anytime soon."

Angel took her plate and stirred around the pork fried rice as she thought quietly, she couldn't help but dwell on Halex, she always had, always will he was like a bad habit: he didn't die easy, and he was hard to kick. She took a bite of the Mongolian beef and danced her fork around as she enjoyed the slow burn, "Your right you know, you've watched me mope for the whole summer, he went back to his world and left me in mine."

Rain nearly dropped her soda when the sound of gunfire bounced off the building, "that was closer, "Where's Georgia" Raid set her plate down as Georgia's cry from the front made them all jump and Rain and Angel rushed to the front, "Georgia? What?" Angel asked as Georgia lifted her hand to the door as Rain pushed the release and rushed toward them, stopping as Halex lay lifeless on the ornate laminate and she gasped as the hat fell off Midian's head, his dark hair falling around him, caked in blood, "Help us." Was the only thing he could say, "Help him, Angel..." He collapsed beside his boss as Angel moved closer and felt for a pulse barely finding one she looked at Georgia, "Get a cot he doesn't have much time."

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