Halex had caught his flight out, sat for the plane refueling, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed Rain, again. I'm in the U.S. I'll be there in six hours." They called his flight, so he said goodbye, got back on the plane and traveled the hop to O'hare and disembarked in Chicago and immediately called the house to let them know he was there and just waiting for his cab.

He had called the house phone and was not shocked to find Rain answering the phone she had been cordial as she talked to him and took care of the dogs, he assumed, he could hear metal clanking and water pouring. It had been easy enough he was there, Angel had called, and he was there whether it had been planned that way or not.

Halex had been in love with Angel since the night he found her cowering in the bushes looking in the window. She had been frightened, beat up, yet something had told her his mother, Yoli, would take her in even though Halex had been in the popular crowd. She had not, Angel was ridiculed for her size, but his mom had adopted her in, turned her sewing room into a beautiful place for Angel and gave her a key to the house. Halex had learned her mother was a drunk, that she was abusive and just cruel. But she'd had the widest most beautiful green eyes.

He'd snapped out of memory lane when they checked his US passport and let him on thru to the town cars and headed across the city to Angel's comfortable home and got his bags it was early morning the sun breathtaking over the trees. He noted it was a quiet, private neighborhood. Mikhail had not done the abode justice when he had returned after the paperwork signing. He got out in her driveway, stretched, and walked up to the door and knocked quietly.

Rain opened the door her hands raw from scrubbing and tugging, cooking, and cleaning so far, but hard work did not sway the woman. She smiled softly. She's asleep upstairs I'll show you to the guest room I'm on the couch once you're settled in I'll be getting ready to go, my family is back at my house for one more week from Tokyo, I'll leave you my number so you can call."

He nodded and followed her into the guest room and took his personable items and set them on the bedside table. Even took off his watch so he wouldn't scratch her and went back into the family room where Rain was obviously comfortable on the couch. "Have you two had breakfast yet?"

Rain shook her short cropped blue hair, "No she's still sleeping I was just going to go to sleep. If you could help me clean the furniture out of the living room there is a Goodwill truck coming to pick it up this afternoon; She wants it all gone, it's all leather and its all in prime condition, so I figured donate it."

He nodded and sat down in the recliner, "I ate on the plane, and that would be fine. He reached forward to pick up a pen to spin around his fingers. "You sprung her from the hospital. I was expecting to bring her home tomorrow what happened?" He lifted his dark eyes to her pale ones and held her gaze, "Come on Rain, whats going on?"

"She was afraid of a psych hold. It would flatline her career." She happily met his gaze, "You don't scare me Halex. The last time I saw you, you were soaked in blood, and she sent you home with your tail between your legs, she terrifies you."

"Yeah, she does." It was all he said for a long moment as her cries from upstairs came down the stairs, and he jumped up, "she's always terrified me." He ran for the stairs as Rain shouted at him.

"Second door going left!" Rain cried after him.

"Thanks, Rain," he said loudly as something crashed in the Master Suite. "Angel I'm coming!" He called as he got to the double doors bringing his worn hand up and rapping on them before entering. She lay curled in a ball in the center of the left side of the bed; a glass lamp lay in pieces on her bedside table as she cried her heart out. "Oh, Angel. Oh, Sweetheart." He climbed into the bed and pulled her into his arms and just held her petite form, rocking gently. His hand was stroking her hair. "It's gonna be okay baby. I promise, in the future, you'll find out sex doesn't hurt and it's beautiful."

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