When Angel had finally slept she slept hard, the great thing about the memory foam was the bed didn't shake when it was entered or got out kind of like that old commercial with the wine glass that showed a lady jumping and not spilling the glass. She was curled up, and Rain had climbed into bed with her as soon as she found her black tee and fuzzy superhero pants and curled in her arms.

"Rain?" Angel asked softly, "You're here... thank you." She rubbed her face against Rain's shirt.

Rain smiled and stroked her hair back, "Of course I'm here... you need me right now. I have two ob/gyn's that work for me and understand what you are going through. They took over the load and sent me on my way." She rubbed Angel's nose with her own, "I love you kiddo."

"Mmmm. love you too."

Angel smiled, "I do love you, you know...". She yawned and cuddled in closer so she could kiss Rain again. Trailing her fingers through Rain's notorious blue hair. "Rain thank you for being here for me, thank you for trusting Halex." She closed her eyes, so the tears slid over her eyelashes and down her cheeks.

Rain practically purred as she caught Angel's lower lip in her teeth and tugged gently, "You sweet, sweet baby girl. If you weren't so dazed and confused over your wall of a man, I'd sweep you off your feet and take you back to Tucson."

Angel giggled sleepily and cupped Rain's face in her hands kissing her sweetly as she could, "Oh Rain sweetheart. I love you to the moon, but I love Halex too." She looked sad and lay back down, cuddling up to the spicy scent on her pillow and drifted back to sleep.


Halex was handing Mikhail a beer and pointed across the family room to the closed door, "Downstairs guest room, it's quite roomy and quiet, you'll be comfy. When Kirill comes, he'll be upstairs in Rain's room. You won't hear us unless she has a night terror."

Mikhail simply nodded and headed into the room to unpack, "Halex? How are we hiding both of us being back in the states at the same time I know you're officially here from the use of your card."

"I don't know my brother. The woman I've loved most of my life called out to me and loved just shoved."

Halex worked on dinner as he sipped his beer. He knew cuisine from all over the world and had settled on Greek, his specialty there was Gyro sandwiches. He longed to see Angel's face when she bit into the tender lamb and tzatziki sauce.

Mikhail came out after he was done unpacking and had changed into sweat pants and a tee shirt blending in American, something he never let go of even when they were overseas. He had slid his Glock under the mattress, and he sat on the couch and took a sip, "So Kiril is coming to marry the blue-haired doctor?"

"That's what she said that she would marry him, that she didn't see his scars. He'll be here tomorrow night."

Mikhail nodded and rubbed his jaw. Emily will be heartbroken if she ever finds out I was in town and never called or saw her. I don't want to break her heart."

"I give you 24 hours leave starting right now. Drive safe and get back ASAP this is a real case we are on." Halex started to shave the meat off as he hummed tunes from Phantom of the Opera, "In sleep, he came to me in dreams he sang and that voice that calls to me and speaks my name."


Angel lay curled in sleep as the mattress slowly conformed to her shape. She was having dreams of her and Halex becoming intimate, and She could feel his life-roughened skin under her hands that's when she awoke The kiss. The kisses that always burned her skin like fire.

Halex was smiling at her, "Dinner is ready, come downstairs and eat with us sweetheart. "

She smiled and sat up rubbing her sleep-deprived eyes."Oh, dinner sounds so wonderful even at three in the morning." Angel hopped out of bed and slid into her robe as he turned his head, "Halex?" She had her hand on the door as he turned around and started to follow her.

"You undo me little one. Your kisses burn a fire in my soul, so warm in fact I feel invincible." He chuckled and patted her rear as he walked by and headed downstairs.

He pinched her rear causing her to jump and screech as he scooped her up and took a shaky breath in as they headed down those stairs. She was making it so hard to remain chaste if she kept it up he would be buried deep in her by breakfast. While the thought turned him on, he kissed her cheek and sat her on the couch.

She felt the same way. Angel had shifted so he could wrap her legs around his waist and crossed his arms over his neck. Every breath, every step sent parks of needing, wanting, burning up spiraling through her body. Desire burned well through her body. Haled we keep this up and were either going to cause a very public display of a very private moment!"

Halex came to a stop at the base of the stairs crushing her gently into the wall as he kissed her gently at first the roughening it as she let out a long steady moan of approval and nipped his lip, "Halex don't stop, please, don't stop!" Her breath was heavy her pulse pounding strong through her electrified body.

"Halex take me back upstairs! Now!! Oh, gods above! Take me now." She was panting heavily and trembling. "I need you know. I mean I need you! I feel so broken Halex!" She was crying as she clung to his neck for dear life.

Halex stopped at her bedroom door and tried working her out of her shirt. He kicked the door closed as he kissed her over and over, "He didn't break you,"Halex growled as each word comforted them. He smiled as he climbed up into the bed with her and stroked her satin skin.

Angel stared up at Halex in the pale light, "Oh Halex," She smiled.

"Angel mine. I just want you comfortable. I want you to know I love you."

"I know," She blushed making her freckles more prominent.

"I want you to feel safe Angel," He said softly, stealing a kiss.

"I feel safe in your arms Halex Adler."

"Then by all means," he chuckled and kissed her, his mouth gentle on hers as he tasted her sweet taste,"You're too kind, and now I'm yours."

"I am taking you as mine." Angel smiled as Halex growled softly and settled her higher up on the mattress.

Halex knelt between her thighs, "Angel Alexi High soon to be Adler, I claim you as my wife," He smiled and kissed her as he caught both of her hands in one of his and rested them over her head, in his left hand. As his right hand stroked the smooth skin of her thigh, he continued to kiss her over and over until his hand cupped her breast and bent his head to suckle firm flesh of her chest and nip at her rosy peaks. "Oh, Angel..."

"Halex," Angel asked softly as those green eyes shimmered in the moonlight and she stared up at his eyes. "Oh, Halex reached softly and pulled his blue button-down off his shoulders and slid her warm hands underneath and stroked over the cords of muscle until each of her hands held a shoulder.

"Angel, mine, You feel so good. "Forever for a long time I have wanted to be with you like this. Over a damnable decade." He gave a heavy breath before cupping her cheeks between his hands and began deeply kissing her again, happily exploring the sweet taste of her mouth, "Holding her close he stroked her skin gently with strong fingers, "Angel I'm glad you will be my wife."

"And I am great full you will be my husband. We will live a wonderful, exciting life, just the two of us." Angel said soft her eyes were shimmering with unshed tears. She hooked an ankle around one of his legs and rolled them on their sides and then flipped them over, In moments she was sitting on top of his hips proudly, and she watched him.

Halex chuckled as he pulled her top off over her head and tossed it aside. He cupped her hips and slowly; oh so painfully slowly he slid his hands up to cup her breasts. The warm, firm orbs fit into his grasp perfectly as he leaned down to kiss her pale blushed peaks as he slid his hands back down and lifted her up enough to turn them over. He had the control himself and slowly; painfully slow they made deep passionate love until he got her to give up a piece of her self with an exploding storm inside her.

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