Angel's phone ringing in the morning hours didn't wake her up. All she did was toss in her sleep. Her pale skin littered with beads of perspiration and freckles as she slept the morning away, her phone ringing again and again didn't stir her until nearly dinner time. She knew nothing of what moved around her or her in the hotel as the party cranked up downstairs, it was Saturday and tonight was the formal and everyone was going to be getting ready for it in the Papago Ballroom at eight. She was excited about it. It would bring back memories of Halex and the pretty blue dress his mother had bought for her ten years before.

Yoli Adler had adopted her as a surrogate daughter and raised her when her mother could not. Her mother brought a tear to her eye, while the woman had been a full-time drunk, either bar or home she had moments of sobriety that led her to try and take care of her daughter. But the thoughts of Yoli a beautiful gypsy woman made Angel's chest tighten, and she had to fight for control of her sobs.

When Angel awoke, the sun was starting to set in the Arizona sky. She lifted the sleek phone from the bedside table just as she noticed the message waiting light was blinking. She turned on the phone and eyed the number and frowned she'd missed fifteen calls since she had gone downstairs last night. She sighed flipping through them all, they were all from Georgia, and she sighed calling the woman back as she stepped into the bathroom and eyed the mess and her mind started flipping through what had happened, and she couldn't remember.

Coming downstairs an hour later, in her peach shorts and jacket, she went to The Three Javalina's for dinner. Walking past Halex at first, she got a menu and startled when she felt a hand on her arm, and she swung out of habit with it. Halex caught the it, deflecting it as he smiled that wicked grin. "Angel."

"Halex!" She squeaked and watched him. "Why did you grab me?"

"Just wanted to say hello, was getting worried, and didn't see you at breakfast or lunch, didn't see you leave, so I worried. Did you sleep well?"

"Don't worry about me and yeah I slept like the dead, don't remember anything from last night." She sighed as she watched two men from the pool games the night before eyeing her and giving her thumbs up, and she looked at Halex, "Why are they giving thumbs up?"

He looked over his shoulder as he folded the paper up and set it on the table as he ignored the buzzing coming from it, "They were at the pool tournament last night with you and me."

"Pool tournament?" She tried hard to remember, but found herself coming up short of the epic party she threw herself the night before. "I remember laying down last night after I got back in. You were here in the lobby, and we talked on the way up." She continued to think then looked at him with wide eyes, "H-how did I get in my pajamas? What did we do? Did we, you know, have sex?"

Halex just smiled that childish grin and brushed a hand through his wild curls, "No we didn't have sex, I left as soon as you seemed all right with what you needed from me, I had a rendezvous that I had to get to." He pulled the menu away from her before she could hit him with it again. "Trust me the special is to die for." He ordered for her and sat across from her confused posture. "IT was nothing bad; it could have been a lot worse you know." He smiled and sipped his coffee and made a face.

"Too strong?" She asked chuckling and sipped her iced tea.

"No to weak, I like coffee you could stand a horseshoe in." He chuckled again and reopened his paper to fold it correctly.

"You like order in your life don't you?" She asked as her soup made it's way to their table first and she dipped her spoon into the potato mush that was the glorious wonder of baked potato soup. She watched him as she ate, "Thank you for helping me last night I wasn't in much shape to be anything. My friend Rain has been worried and I don't look like much anymore." She started again as he frowned and set down his paper after working on the crossword.

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