The end of summer had come, and Angel had watched that cold night as Halex slipped into a sweater, white bandages still kissing his darkly tanned skin. Angel wanted so badly to tell him to stay, but she was so very furious at him even, and it took much to keep from drawing her hand and slapping him. She had sent Rain out to pick up some morphine tablets at the pharmacy and delivered them directly to him as she pushed him out the side door, Kirill following close behind. "Thank you, Angel, I owe you our lives," Was all he said as they climbed into a waiting car to the airport? Rain waved bye to them. She was not holding her breath as she caught her best friends arm. They left to go home, well to Angel's home and Rain flipped on the TV in the living room and sprawled out on the couch the news still hunting at this early hour for anyone left hurt from the gun battle in the garage.

Rain got up and turned off the TV going into the kitchen to see to dinner, "Girl! You need to grocery shop get on your sweats, and we're going?" She called up the stairs but didn't get a reply as she started up the switchback stairwell at the end of the kitchen. "Angel?" She called out again but still got no answer.

Rain started to run up the steps then to the master bedroom door, and she slammed her petite frame against the wooden door. It popped open, Dixie and Beau barked madly as she could hear the shower running and she went into the marble bath and opened the steaming shower to locate Angel who was curled up on the floor, the water raining over her form.

"Angel baby are you hurt? Where are you hurt?" She begged hern to turn off the water, and when it silenced, she could hear the shivering crying coming from her best friend, and she got a big fuzzy towel and coaxed her up, "Don't you dare cry over that twatwaffle."

Angel stilled and tried to suppress a smile as she looked at her, "Twatwaffle? Really? I think you've been watching too much of Sookie and her friends."

"Ah-ha so you've heard the phrase before you might be okay after all, didn't you hear me calling we need to do some major grocery shopping, living on takeout at the clinic for a week I had to trash all your food if you call a package of hamburger and dill pickles food."

"Let me get dressed, and we can go to the store." She shivered getting into a pair of black sweats and a light blue tank top. Braiding her hair down her back as she tied off the end with a rubber band and grabbed her purse, "You have to drive my licence expired two years ago." She opened the garage door to reveal a lime green '67 Mustang and handed her the keys.

Rain looked at her like she was nuts, "are you kidding me?" She was in awe at the car and slid into the driver's side revving the engine and smiled, "Well get in sister!" She revved it again and opened the garage door flying backward and coming to a dead stop to shut the garage door, and they headed to the grocery store.

Rain enjoyed the ride and grinned at Angel nabbing a spot close to the entrance of the Walmart grocery store, and she climbed out and stuck her purse in the child seat as they shopped getting enough groceries for the next two weeks, planning meals to get her eating healthy again. When they were finished, they had rung up a four hundred dollar order and carried it out to the car, "You have to eat well sister, and fast food is bad for you, probably killing yourself from the inside out. Start taking your lunch and or dinner. Promise me I don't set this all up for you and you tank it."

"I promise. I need to eat better when does your flight leave?"

"Tomorrow at ten a.m. Got to be there by eight." Rain said quietly as she set the last bag in and shut the trunk.

"We'll make it work, and I'll get better." She said softly as she got back in the driver's seat, "Pet Club for Dixie and Beau then on home." She smiled and backed them up and headed across the parking lot and they went in bringing out two twenty pound bags of dry kibble, several chubs of wt food, and healthy snacks and a few things for the puppies when they came. "She's due in three weeks. Then Thanksgiving than Christmas, Will you come back for Christmas?"

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