The rest of the flight went well. Angel started coming out of the sedation about an hour before landing, and she stumbled out into the galley, the stewardess pouring her cranberry juice and getting her a grilled chicken salad to eat as Halex and his men were playing with the puppies and their mom-dog and dad-dog just watched over them.

Mikhail approached Angel rather than Halex and sat beside her, "Hello Angel. I'm sorry this has happened. You and I will become good friends, and we will be inseparable. I was against this, but Rain called Halex and he kind of went nuts. He loves you Angel, but we took care of Oded he was the one that threatened you."

"Threaten me?" she was incredulous and turned to face Mikhail head, looking him in the eyes.

Mikhail stroked her arm, "You're gonna get through this. Somewhere deep inside you love Halex despite his faults, and I want you for a sister. Think you could manage that?"

"Why did he threaten me, what was he going to do?"

"He was going to kill you to make Halex come back and continue with the drugs and cars and the Money. Halex killed him because of the threat to you and the baby. Halex is the best, and the most ruthless but you turn him into a soft kitten with don't pet the tummy-itis. He starts not paying attention to what he's doing."

Angel listened and nodded, "Thank you, Mikhail. I am very angry with him. I don't want to share a room with him. Can you fix this, so I'm comfy and relaxed, so I don't hurt my baby."

The look in Angel's eyes was breaking his heart, and he took her hands in his. "I am Halex's bodyguard, but I think I'll keep you safe. We'll make this work. I promise. He will come around." He lifted her hands to his lips and kissed them, "We will be best of friends."

She curled up in the big chair and sipped her ginger ale and cranberry juice. The stewardess came around collecting garbage as the pilot announced that the local time of 9:30 pm, the temperature was 80 degrees with a breeze of 30 kilometers an hour.

They landed ten minutes later and waited for customs to clear them, checking passports and vet records, and then they all deplaned and headed for the black SUV's waiting for them before heading toward home. Angel yawned several times and held Lucky and Bonnie. When they got to the brick building, Moab went up first unlocking the door and getting Halex inside and then Angel. Midian and Moab brought up Angel's bags and led Dixie and Beau up the stairs and inside.

Two more men, tall like the other's stood on either side of the door. Halex reached for Angel and she side-stepped him and carefully dropped into a chair in the common room. It would be hell to get out of the chair it was soft, deep, and fluffy. She moved a bit as Halex went down the corridor to the private apartments and headed into his rooms carrying Lucky and settled him onto a blanket with his sister Dixie had followed and laid down with her babies while Beau stayed with Angel, sitting practically on her feet. The steady beat of the club was vibrating in the walls and concrete and tile floors.

It seemed as though Halex looked through her as he started speaking, "I have to go to the club for awhile, get settled you are a day ahead now it's ten pm, and you need some sleep."

Halex walked down the hall and opened the office door that led into the club and Mikhail scooped her up and carried her down to his room laying her on the second bed that used to be Mitya's; he had to call Mitya, he had to find a good end for both his friends. He closed the door behind him as he followed to the office.

"Halex she doesn't want to be here. Why do you have to do this?" Mikhail asked slamming the door behind him. "What are you trying to prove to yourself? That you are mean, ugly, and nasty after all?"

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