Angel was working late on a cold, Thursday night in the middle of December, on call as always, she was napping on the cot in her office when Tobias came in, stroking his fingers along her smooth arms as he watched her slowly stir, only her pager could ever seem to wake her up in the middle of the night without much work and he enjoyed the contact he got with her this way. He longed to stroke all of her skin, she was so pretty and sweet.   Not cold and callous as his wife had become.  He leaned over to brush his lips against the calloused skin of her fingers and smiled.  "Angel, wake up...   wake up Angel." Angel stirred but didn't wake up as she turned onto her back, her body shifting in her too large scrubs.

Tobias tried again, "Hey Angel, I got a trip for you." Angel shifted with a grunt and covered her eyes with her arm, "What is it, Tobias?" The light was blinding and painful so suddenly.

"I have to do some things here at the hospital, so I am sending you to the Plastic Surgery Symposium down on St. Bart's. Here is the information packet, your tickets, your hotel and spending money for food.  Have a good time and enjoy yourself, and do yourself a big favor and get a tan. You're giving a Q &A session on your work in the field and in the private clinic on Saturday night.  Keep your phone with you in case something comes up. Just represent us with pride and the loyalty we're earning a very good reputation."

Angel blinked in the bright light, who turned on her main light? She fumbled for her reading glasses as she scoots away from Tobias.  The creepy older man smiled and set the folder down on her bare belly where her scrub top and long sleeve tee had ridden up her smooth, pale skin. His fingers lightly stroking the pale flesh just long enough to make her skin crawl before he left her in the flood of light in her own thoughts. Memories waking from her past as she flipped off the small light by her bed. "So St. Bart's," she said to no one in particular as she swung her legs over the edge of the cot.

She sat up, tugging her purple scrub top down over her white long sleeve shirt and sat opening the folder and looked over all the paperwork, but she couldn't get her boss out of her head the way he lingered and touched her. Something was up with Tobias. He never trusted her with this kind of thing.  He was all about wining and dining the rich and famous, keeping their collogues guessing, and raking in the money to keep Chicago Plastic Surgery in the top fifty surgical centers. She sighed softly looking through the packet over and over again, familiarizing herself with it before trying to sleep out the rest of the night uninterrupted; But her pager went off at four and Angel took the cross-campus walk to the Emergency Room going inside to see to a woman whose husband had beat her up very badly.

 When she got out in the early morning she went home to pack her bags for the trip: two nice dress suits and a pair of jeans with a lavender dress blouse, all the underthings and toiletries she would need and of course her comfortable sleep shorts and kitten shirt, both soft and nearly threadbare in places. She thought that would be enough and slid the zipper closed after tossing in her fancy dress shoes.

Walking downstairs she was greeted by all six feet of blonde bombshell that was Georgia and Angel's two Yellow Labradors, Dixie and Beau.  Dixie was the sweet one, full of love and lots of wet kisses while Beau was the ever faithful guardian nothing got past him and Angel was never out of his sight while out. She knelt down calling her dogs to her and stroked their lustrous blonde coats and gave them hugs and kisses before standing up and looking at her best friend.

Smiling at the enigmatic Georgia, she led her into the kitchen to feed the dogs and showed Georgia exactly how to mix the wet food into the dry food in the matching silver bowls. "They'll let you know they are hungry the moment they get out of their crates.  Beau shoves his paw in his bowl and scoots it around but he'll give it up as soon as you reach for it.  Dixie is the good girl and sits and waits for her bowl."  Georgia copied her with the second bowl to make sure she had it, the woman was smart and gorgeous and Angel trusted her with her life and especially with the lives of her babies.  

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